Uni ride at Ray's

Lets do the Ride at Rays again, like last year when we seen TWNR…

Any interest (from last years competitors/attendees or anyone else) in having another Rolling Trials competition at Rays this year?

Everyone who participated last year seemed to have a lot of fun. If there were a decent amount of interest, I would volunteer to set up the competition again this year and make up another batch of award certificates.

I really enjoyed watching you guys conquer the course last year! I may have to make it more difficult :smiley: this year, if it is held!

I was there Saturday for his Grand re-opening for the season, He’s added a skate park, and a dual slalom couse. He changed things around a bit to fit these things in. I was the only Muni, I had no problems riding there, everyone was very nice, I did yeild to the bikes so we would always welcome. I had a lot of fun and got to meet Aron Chase a Pro MTBer he was really cool. If you have the comp. I’ll enter.:slight_smile:

Rolling Trials can be held on MTB and Skatepark obstacles… so that would work out pretty nicely for the RT comp… and the dual slalom course would make for a nice Coker racing event!

If we can generate enough interest to get a decent number of competitors including some of the top riders, I will approach some corporate sponsors and try my best to raise some prize money for the competition. Rays is an incredible place and I think there are companies that would be receptive to sponsoring a competition of unicyclists riding sections of MTB course that many MTBers can’t even ride. It’s unique and visually impressive enough to get on the news or even a sports related news magazine type of show, so a corporate sponsor could get decent exposure. And for a company such as Red Bull who could run with the concept since it fits right in with their marketing strategy (and publicize it like crazy on their website), $10,000 in prize money would be a drop in the bucket!

I’d be up for going, but the only wa I could go is if I got a ride from somebody.

I would definitely be interested, I am still sad about not being able to make it last year.

so where is this located ? how long dos htis event last ? INFO PLEASE

go to raysmtb.com

Its in Clevland, OH

Rays is located in Cleveland, OH - check out their website for pics and video (http://www.raysmtb.com).

A Rolling Trials competition takes about 3 - 4 hours probably. Search “Rolling Trials” for more info about the sport… which was named by John Foss and rules were influenced heavily by input from riders on this forum. Ultimately, the majority of people on the forum felt the rules Kris Holm developed for Trials could be slightly modified to work well for RT, so that is what was adopted. Essentially you have to clean (complete) a section of obstacles (usually MTB or skatepark type obstacles) by going from the start line to the finish line without hopping (air from a jump or drop is acceptable) or having any part of your body touch the course.

A weekend event consisting of a Rolling Trials event (and slalom Coker racing perhaps) would be really great and would also leave plenty of time to have fun at the place doing your own thing.

Heck yeah I’d go! I need to defend my only unicycling title! It’s good to see you posting again HCR. Just name the date and I’ll be there. I can give you a ride Hunter.

Maybe we all can carpool and share gas money, we could take either your car (frank) or mine.

Count me in with the Virginians. Hopefully.
Frank, don’t forget about your new title!

I’ll second that!!

I knew it was you before I saw your avatar/username, the old familiar blue text! Good to see you’re still about.

That Rays place looks amazing, but I doubt I’ll ever make it there.

Looking forward to photos/videos of the event if it happens, last years were great.


Damn it. I won’t be there, so I can’t defend my title. Well… Frank, you could not give me a ride this year, could you? You could take the fary to europe or something…

I just won’t make it, and see my second place go bye bye…


Don’t tempt me, that actually sounds like a lot of fun! We unicyclists have never been that concerned with efficiency of travel, anyway.

damn I wanna go… I like in Ablerta, canada snap

Thanks for the warm welcome back, guys! Looks like we’re off to a great start!

I contacted Red Bull today to find out how to go about proposing that they sponsor a Rolling Trials competition and the woman gave me an email address to send a proposal. She said they would definitely respond, but that it could take up to 90 days.

Upon thinking about it further, I came to the conclusion that if we really want to gain the interest of a company like Red Bull, we should have certain “things” in place in order to have the best chances. Theses “things” include: a Rolling Trials website with pictures and info and a video of some sort. A short video of segments of an actual RT competition would be ideal. Thus I will hold off on attempting to get Red Bull as a sponsor for the 2nd Annual HCR Invitational, but will shoot for getting them as a sponsor for the 3rd Annual HCR Invitational. In the meantime, I will still attempt to get some prize money from some (much smaller) corporate sponsors as well as attempting to get some local news coverage for the event…. and I’ll try to arrange to have video shot of the RT competition which will be included in the proposal to Red Bull. While I will make my best effort to get many of these things done with my own resources, any help from interested individuals with skills to volunteer would be much appreciated.

Ok… so what would be the best date to hold the competition on for everyone? I’d like there to be plenty of time between now and the competition so that I have time to try and generate interest from some companies in sponsoring the event and putting up some prize money for the winners (and maybe 2nd or 2nd and 3rd place – we’ll make those decisions if and when I’m successful at getting some companies to put up some $$$ - based on how much $$$ I can get committed and how you guys think it should be divided).

So how is Saturday and/or Sunday March 11th & 12th to hold the competition?

I checked the events page on Ray’s website and it doesn’t conflict with any events they have scheduled. Once we figure out a date, I’ll lock it in with Ray. Let me know if you think the above mentioned date is good. Also, having plenty of time between now and the event (and possibly prize money) will give us a greater ability to get the maximum number of riders to come to Ray’s for the event and compete. Their season runs until April 16th… so we have to schedule it some time before then (on a date that doesn’t conflict with any of their already scheduled events – click on the following link to check dates: Rays Events Schedule).

Should be a really great weekend! I look forward to seeing people from last year’s event and hopefully a lot of new faces, too!

I would like to go, but my only available weekend in march would be the last weekend.

if that works, count my in, if it doesn’t work, I won’t have to smash my face in

sounds ncie. we have about 10-15 muni riders around akron/cleveland who would be in. i plan to buy their annual pass and visit weekly. The owner is real cool about MUNI. It’s all about bringing respect to our sport. Last year, the policy was NO BMX’ers. This year, they have select times for bmx.