Uni ride at Ray's

I’ll go as long as I can get there. I can leave school at 430pm on friday. If anyone is driving through the 95 and 476 meeting area pick me up. if possible.

This event has a great amount of interest, but who is in charge?

Let’s put someone in charge of organizing… like Tigger & HardcoreCokerRider.

Suggested dates to AVOID: Moab MUni Fest, March 24-26, 2006

I really like the dates March 11th or 12th, but keep in mind Ray’s is very busy on the weekend.

I’m pretty sure HCR is organizing it, since he sorta invented the sport and all…and is looking for sponsors…and organized last year’s event.

Any weekend! Can we get in after-hours like last time?

It would be really great if you could participate again this year… without smashing your face this time! I’m going to be in LA the last weekend of March, so that won’t work for me. Let me know if any of the dates listed below work for you…

“10-15 muni riders around akron/cleveland who would be in”… that’s freakin’ great! Any of them ride Cokers… or are they all 24"/26" riders? The 24"/26" competition is going to be REALLY competitive this year! I hope we can get a decent turnout of Coker riders, too. You’re so lucky to live near Rays! I’m sure Ray remembers me from last year… we chatted for a while and he was eager to have me back again for another competition… just mention the guy on the 36" unicycle whose head had an intimate encounter with the pipe going across his ceiling (which is the closing scene in the video I posted a while back that was shot at Rays) and that should jog his memory!

Hopefully there will be enough interest that it will be easy for someone nearby (or passing by) to give you a ride. As a last resort, I could probably take a detour and come pick you up.

I think we should be able to get in again after-hours like last time. Can’t wait to see you tear up that course again (I’ll have to add more difficult sections this time). You really blew me away with your riding last year. I especially loved at the end when you rode those consecutive quarter-pipe style ramps in the back of the place backwards (you rode the ramps backwards, not your unicycle - which was incredible! Riding the ramps on your unicycle backwards would be a formula for a broken neck and/or skull)!

I’ll speak to Ray and find out about renting the facility after closing time so we can have the entire place to ourselves again.

Regarding dates, which one of the following weekends works best for everybody:

February 25th & 26th
March 4th & 5th
March 18th & 19th
April 8th & 9th

I made a mistake by including Feb. 25th & 26th (Ray has an event scheduled on Feb. 25th), so I’ve replaced that choice with Feb. 19th and Feb 20th (I believe that was close to the date we held it last year).

The updated choice of dates are:

February 19th & 20th
March 4th & 5th
March 18th & 19th
April 18th & 19th

If Brian can’t make any of the above dates, then we can also include the original date, March 11th & 12th as an option.

april’s date works perfect for me, all the other dates are sketchy at best, if even do-able…

(thanks for being so accomodating, but whatever works best for the most of course!)

I seem to be having major difficulties getting my list of dates straight… the correct April optionis April 8th & 9th (NOT April 18th & 19th, as my last post indicates).

Ok, Brian… then I’d like to try for April 8th & 9th. How does that work for weveryone else?

Here (finally!) are the correct choice of dates, with the most preferable date in blue text, underlined, and starred:

February 19th & 20th
March 4th & 5th
March 11th & 12th
March 18th & 19th
April 8th & 9th*

Riding them from the other direction would’ve been nearly impossible…hmm, something to shoot for. April 8-9 works for me (though March 11-12, 18-19 are the beginning and end of my Spring Break).

I think April 8th or 9th would be great! After hours I think would be best, that way we can set up for stuff and not be in the way.:wink:

anytime in april works for me!

Might not be “nearly impossible” from the other direction on a Coker, though from what I remember there wasn’t all that much run-up distance between them, which makes it more difficult (on the Coker, anyway). It would probably be doable on a Coker with longer cranks for quicker acceleration. I wouldn’t bet against you doing it on your Muni, though… because there were at least 3 sections you cleaned last year that I didn’t think were doable on anything smaller than a Coker… til I saw you in action!

[B]It looks like April 8 & 9 is looking good.

I’ll speak to Ray about locking in the date and having use of the place after hours.[/B]

Here’s a pic from last year’s event from a section I really liked (sorry for the lousy qualty). The section doesn’t look like anything special, but it was a bit tricky on the Coker (the 24"/26" guys didn’t have any problem with it at all). It took me several attmepts to nail it because I had to have just the right entry speed and then maintain my momentum through the dip. It really was a lot of fun! I can’t wait for this year’s event!


Chris, Nick and myself and maybe a few others from The Wonders Uni Club might be able to make it. We were just talking about how much fun we had there last year.

It is a great place and lots of variety.

Hey Brian, got another movie to premier? :slight_smile:


nah, just one to film for

I’'ll try to make it down. Any time is fine for me, I just need to take off from work.

Brian, any news on the stuff about arrow?

I know I started the thread but I’ll be there it sounds great

No. Their window is now closed

I’m also itching to get back, apparently the face lift since last time is incredible! (and I’m not talking about the part where people lifted my face from that stunt)

This sounds like a lot of fun, but I have a few questions. How much will it cost to get in? Will there be a 19" competition? Can anyone give me a ride from Wisconsin?

Rays Trials Competition

We two will be there with our 24 inchers. Can’t wait!