Uni problems. Help a noob

Recently i removed the standard tire on my unicycle and replaced it with a mountain bike style of tire, and hit the mountain forest. After about half an hour of riding, doing some jumps, ect the wheel started to slip, closer examination showed the part holding the spokes/wheel was slipping on the axle. The problem has become worse and is impossible to ride. Short of welding the parts togeather is there anything i can do??

It sounds like its time for a new unicycle.

aren’t you then supposed to give a shameless plug for khu?

good call!:slight_smile:

Go to www.krisholm.com to read about the 24" mountain unicycle. It sounds like that is what you will need to better enjoy your offroad riding. It is an incredible unicycle, it’s very strong and can handle very large amounts of abuse. After you have drooled all over your keyboard, proceed to www.unicycle.com or aebikes or bedford to purchase your new beauty!

Is that better? :smiley:

Wow, that was compleatly shameless…
I think your right, but i would like to salvage the one i have.
If i do get a new one i would like to do both mountain and street riding. Any suggestions, including non-kh unis.

KH is generally the best for all-around riding, and if you’re going to do both Mountain and Street I would say go for 24"…unless it’ll be mostly street, then maybe you’d want the 20". But if it’ll be pretty even, or more MUni than street, get the 24".

you would need cranks, frame seat and pedals which you might be able to reuse all but the cranks from your old one.

thats not a very good deal i think for $225

look at that

thats less, its brand new, and uses a hub that wont be making annoying creaky noises.you also get a nice wide rim :smiley:

my bad it comes without cranks. not so much of a good deal. But anywyas i think $225 is too much.

Okay, the bad news is, if this is happening, it’s probably because you bought a piece of junk, it quite likely looks something like this


A lot of people in New Zealand buy these, thanks to a dubious website and some dubious importers selling to bike shops who don’t do any research into what they’re selling.

Assuming I’m right:

These are kind of made to look a bit like good unicycles, but the parts are really badly made. For example, the saddle is all bendy, making it useless for hopping, it’s also way more uncomfortable than say a Kris Holm seat, the seatpost clamp is so weak that you will likely bend it just clamping it up, the ‘cromoly hub’ probably isn’t, etc. etc.

The big bad thing though, is that the way the hub is made, has a really bad attachment between the hub body and the axle, meaning that if you ride them for any length of time, they will separate, and leave the pedals spinning without the wheel turning. This is totally a known problem, I know of at least 3 people who’ve got a replacement hub on warranty for this.

Unfortunately these unicycles are sold to people who don’t know better, by dodgy manufacturers/importers. The manufacturers basically rely on people giving up on riding unicycles before they break.

The really sad thing is that for $10 more, one could get something long lasting like this http://www.unicycle.co.nz/View.php?action=ProductDetail&Code=Axis24 that has a real cromoly hub, seat clamp that won’t break, and for another $30, you can have a really good saddle too.

What you need to do right now though, is go back to whoever sold you this unicycle, and get the hub replaced. This isn’t your fault, this is something that happens to these unicycles, so they should fix it. Argue with them enough and they will fix it, whether or not it’s in the ‘1 month warranty’ period, this is just not fit for the purpose it’s sold for, whatever the warranty they sell it with. If you’ve got any possibility of getting your money back for the whole thing, then go with that.

Once you’ve got the replacement hub, you might as well ride it until it dies again. There is no point in upgrading this unicycle. The rim is junk, the frame, might be okay, but only fits a weak seatpost, seat clamp, junk, seat post, narrow and weak junk, seat absolute junk, pedals, cheap plastic ones, not what you want for muni anyway, hub, junk. The cranks, might not be junk, but probably are. I don’t think there’s a single part you’d want to keep, except maybe the tyre.

The cheapest upgrade would be just to buy another unicycle. Get one from here http://www.unicycle.co.nz/View.php?action=Page&Name=Unicycles as they sell unicycles that don’t break straight away, and actually ride unicycles and know about what they’re selling. You can phone them up and talk to a real live unicyclist, for good advice too.

http://www.unicycle.co.nz is so good that the dodgy site (unicycleshopnz) that I linked earlier actually copied loads of text off the unicycle.co.nz website wholesale, even copying bits out of the unicycle descriptions into the descriptions of their unicycles, even if they aren’t true.



Wow joemarshall, you are spot on with just about everything you said even the pic of the unicycle is mine but 20’. I have had every problem you have just described. The only problem is that it was a gift from about a year ago. I have had the hub connections welded and have started saving for my next uni. The only problem is that i am in two minds wether to get a 20’ or a 24’. I would mostly like to do street stlye riding in which the 20’ would be better suited but would like to take it to the forest in which case a 24’ would be better. Any advice?

It’s weird I’ve never seen those unicycles outside New Zealand, but they are everywhere here. Welding it sounds like a good fix for now.

As for what to get, some people ride street on a 24". Some people ride muni on a 20" trials. If I were you, while you’re saving up, I’d keep riding in the woods and learning basic street tricks, and see if that helps you decide what to concentrate on. I have no idea how much harder it is to ride street on a bigger wheel, cos I’m rubbish at it on any wheel, muni is a little bit harder on a smaller wheel for sure.