Uni politics.

When you wrote unicycle politics my only thought was IUF ruling or so. So that’s where my nitpicking came from.

There’s probably more bicyclists than cars here, and so they are a recognized class on it’s own, also because of the MANY (suggestive painted or truly separated) cyclepaths. Have a look at video’s I posted before.
With those you really don’t want to ride on the road nor the sidewalk anymore.

Such an ideal situation is very unlikely in Ohio on a short term, still I think your point will be taken serious.
One law I am 100% sure of that very long ago existed in the UK was one that said:
unicycles and cycles with a wheel ≤ 20" = Foot Path, and with a wheel of > 20" = Road
Meaning a BMX would not allowed on the road. I tried my very best to find that image of a copy of a book of law back, but I’m sure it was in a magazine I don’t have anymore.

Anyway, you may suggest something similar, but maybe less fixed, and more up to discretion of the unicyclist.
Make your cover letter visual. For example something like this: