uni pic from foreign fora

this is another picture scored from the German uni. Fora.check out those radial spokes! not such a great idea.Radials spokes look realy neat when spining but this guy was talking of trials on it.i wonder how it held up?neat frame too.

This may sound dumb, but what are radial spokes?


uni pic from foreign fora

Look up!

A picture’s worth a thousand words.

There are a lot of spokes there, so, that wheel might be plenty strong for just about anything.

Apparently Semcycles used to have a radial setup but they had way too many problems and went to a cross-2. A unicycle is the last place you’d want to see a radial pattern, especially with one where you’d expect super high torque, such as in trials. But perhaps Glutes is right - there is overkill to begin with. Not going to be the lightest setup for the given strength, though.

uni pic from foreign fora

So, Jagur,

How about you email the source of that pic and inquire about die Taco ?

even if there is enough spokes to make it strong and toco resistant,the hub will still move 1st then the spokes,then rim etc. etc.

all that spoke flex will eventually wear the spoke elbows thin and BoOING!

uni pic from foreign fora

I don’t sink zo!

Zose spokes iz only … vat? Nine inchies long?

Vat iz zis BoOING! ?

Zee spoke elbows?

Hah! I say!


ppointing out an example of how radial is bad on unicycles, one of the guys from teh club here has a 48 hole radial for his freestyle and he commonly has between 6 and 10 broken spokes.

Jagur is right. The wheel could probably be hopped on all you want but as soon as you start to turn the cranks, the hub flanges will rotate ahead of the rim because there are only radial forces on them, no tangential forces. The cute little elbows will rock in the holes in the hub flanges and wear ever so slightly each time the torque changes on the cranks. The “boing” sound is actually more of a snap in my experience but I don’t tend to embelish theatrically as much as Jagur.

But hey, It’s got a miyata seat, thats good.:stuck_out_tongue:

speaking to one of semcycles rivals at ejc2002 i was told that with radial spokes, when pressure is applied to the cranks there is an infinite tangental force on the spokes untill they bend at which point they transfer the force to the rim. which means that they don’t last long.

many of the diferent unicycles that semcycle had used radial spokes, mostly on the ones with smaller wheel sizes, semcycle do make some realy weird and wonderfull machines, including 14wheelers, eccentric unicycles kangaroos, and girrafes with realy small wheels. i imagine that they have a guy who sits in a workshop and says “what weird thing am i going to make next?” (in dutch obviously)
on one afternoon they took al the wierd unicycles into the juggling tent and left them their for people to play with. which was fun.

Re: uni pic from foreign fora

Can you describe the effect? I’m trying to imagine it, but I’m not sure what it would look like. Is it like a helicopter rotor blur, where you see a blur covering the whole 360, but it almost looks like the blades are standing still inside the blur?


yeah its like that,and it also compares to the wagon wheel illusion,you know?where it looks like its spinning backwards…

Re: uni pic from foreign fora

On Mon, 6 Jan 2003 14:29:20 -0600, evilewan
<evilewan.guq4z@timelimit.unicyclist.com> wrote:

>semcycle do make some realy
>weird and wonderfull machines, including 14wheelers, eccentric unicycles
>kangaroos, and girrafes with realy small wheels. i imagine that they
>have a guy who sits in a workshop and says “what weird thing am i going
>to make next?” (in dutch obviously)

This is precisely how it is! I’ve met this man in this workshop!
(I think they made a 13-wheeler though, not a 14-wheeler.)

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