Uni parts - good & rare & CHEAP stuff!

I’m moving out of the country (USA to Japan), so I’m getting rid of a lot of spares and stuff I’ve accumulated. I can work out deals with people who want multiple items. Prices do not include shipping.

Everything used unless otherwise noted. If cosmetically worn, works just fine unless otherwise noted. I’m including links to other sites just so you can look up specs.

Here’s the list!

Hub - KH Moment ISIS 2009 (black, 36 hole) - $65 firm
*ridden ONLY 2 weeks! No signs of use other than some spoke impressions on holes.
Hub - KH c.2004 8-spline (black, 36 hole) - not ISIS, from 1st generation KH trials uni - $10
*bottom of flange on “right” side heavily scratched and slightly bent; Still useable; Almost impossible to find replacements if yours is blown, but here’s one
Hub - square-taper Unicycle.com CrMo hub (chrome, 36 hole) - $10
*great shape!
Rim - 19" Alex DX32 (black, 36 hole) - $10
*decent scratchs on one side
Cranks - Nimbus Venture ISIS cranks (black, 125mm) - $15
*decent scratches on R side; L side has helicoil insert
Pedals - Snafu - $10
*could use Loctite on some holes with loose threads. Includes extra pins.
Tire - 19" x 2.5" Luna - $10
*still plenty of tread; 1/4 of tire worn more than the rest
Tire - 19" x 2.5" Creepy Crawler or Onza Sticky Fingerz - BRAND NEW - $25 firm
Tire - 24" x 3.0" Dyno Fireball - $20
*fire tread, lightly used, rebranded as Kenda Flame
Saddle - Torker LX (same Sustek saddle as Miyata) - $20
Seatpost - Torker LX (fits Miyata / Sustek) 25.4mm diameter (black, 300mm) - $8
Seatpost - Miyata (fits Torker LX / Sustek) 22.2mm diameter (chrome, 280mm) - $8
*HARD TO FIND in US; No more Miyata dealers
Seatpost clamp - Odyssey 22.2mm - $2 or free w/ other item

Want a complete trials uni wheel?
I can build a wheelset out of any of the parts above (as long as their still available). A basic wheel is just a hub, a rim, and spokes, but I could add cranks, pedals, tire, and tube. (Keep in mind that spokes would run about $20.) Just let me know which one of the above you want and we can work out a deal.

I’m moving, so help me move this stuff.

kh hub

I will buy the KH isis hub for $65. Let me know how you would like to be paid.

is the Alex DX32-19" rim and the ONZA 19"x2.5" tire still avail? Email me at live2run@wi.rr.com. Thanks.
Very interested!!

Btw, I wasn’t about to post 20 billion pictures, but if you want a picture of a particular item, just ask.

Also, I’m in Seattle. Shipping will be determined by where you live and won’t be exact because I have to receive payment beforehand, find boxes, and such.

I can take Paypal or money order. Money Orders will necessarily take longer to ship.

I’d like to put dibs on square taper hub, venture cranks, and seat post clamp.

I’m also considering the Snafu pedals, but if someone else really wants those I’ll pass.

very interested in the pedals and the rim…

Status update:

KH 2009 hub and Unicycle.com hub have been sold. Different people have dibs on the rim, cranks, pedals, Onza tire, and seatpost clamp.

Cranks, pedals, and seatpost clamp are available again.

does the 04 KH hub as the cranks with it or it’s only the hub for $10? if it comes with a pair of cranks I will buy it.

The ca.2004 hub is just the hub, no cranks.

If you have the cranks, the hubs are near impossible to find, and vice versa. Hopefully someone out there has those cranks and is in need of a hub . . .

on UDC UK you can buy 04 kh cranks, and also qu ax cranks made to fit the 04 hub…

Good info to note on the UK crank availability. However, since each of your pounds is equivalent to some 30 billion dollars, that doesn’t help us North Americans out much.

Actually, each of their pounds is equivalent to 1.6 dollars. Meaning the cranks to fit the '04 hub are 49 dollars.

Yeah, but think of shipping. You end up paying more than you would for a new pair of ISIS cranks. But I guess that might be worthwhile for people who have an old KH wheel and don’t have the money to get a new hub or know how to build a wheel.

It’s also not a bad idea to get those cranks and THIS hub and have a hub and crankset for $59! WOW, what a deal! Order today!

Do you still have these cranks? Is the helicoil tight?
Are you now in Japan, and if so, not sure if shipping to Montana would be worth it?

Yes, i still have the cranks, as well as almost everything else in the original post minus the hubs . . . . all in a storage unit in Seattle :frowning:

If you’re still interested in July, that’s about when I’ll be back. Sorry.

PM me when you get back…I’m in Portland and am interested in some or possibly all of the parts :slight_smile:

I probably will be. I need some 125’s to get my 9yo son’s new 24 uni to fit him better than the 150’s it came with. My temporary solution is to give my son my dual-hole moments and use his 150’s, but I think I’ll want the moments back for ME :roll_eyes: , so still looking for 125 ventures for him.

PM me when you get back.