Uni online games

Is this the first Uni-themed online game?


And are any of you guys behind this?

The game itself isn’t exactly great, and obviously completely disrespects all kinds of physics, but at least the hero rides a uni :smiley:

Would love to see a properly made uni game with 3D and a good physics engine. It might even give some clues to those learning how to unicycle…

your link did not work for me but this one does.

I have seen another unicycle online game, but it was not much fun. A good 3D unicycle game would be sweet.

I dont know if its the first one,but its pretty fun! :slight_smile:

Actually,try a game called free rider 2,you can create your own tracks,and it has a wide array of vehicles from bikes to unicycles.

heres the link:

If any of you guys have itouches or iPhones, there’s a couple apps for unicycling. There’s a couple tilt to balance apps and an app that compiles unicycle videos into one app

My friend and I are currently making a 3D unicycle game, mainly based around flatland and street. I’ll probably post a thread some time when we need it to be tested etc :slight_smile: