Uni newsgroup - what's in a name?

A thought occurred to me on the bus this evening concerning the name of the
newsgroup. Taking the long view, what if the newsgroup were to be split at
some point? I feel that rec.sport.unicycle.hockey and
rec.sport.unicycle.basketball would be better names than their
rec.sport.unicycling equivalents. On the other hand if the newsgroup doesn’t
split then rec.sport.unicycling seems like a better name than
rec.sport.unicycle. Perhaps we could stick an s on the end and call it
rec.sport.unicycles, like the rec.bicycles newsgroups.

Are these thoughts worth considering, or just the inane ramblings of a man
travelling on too many wheels? I thought they were worth mentioning anyway.
Thinking about it further, I’d go for the rec.sport.unicycles option myself.

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