Uni Meet and barn Dance, Dec 1st, UK

Here is some more info on the Dec 1st Uni meet at Kidderminster.
including a rough timetable. The Barn Dance with band herbal remedy and
Caller Dave Hunt ( a superb caller I’m told) will be between 6pm and 8.30
pm, you are invited to bring your dancing shoes and tyres along with any
family and friends who might be interested, non unicyclists are VERY
welcome at this event.

The cost for the Uni meet is 10 ukp (the small price rise is to ensure we
can pay for the band and caller!). Dance only price ( for non riders or
dance only riders) is 3ukp ( 2ukp for kids).

The Harry Cheshire High School Sports Hall is off Habberley Rd in
Kidderminster and a map can be found here: http://www.streetmap.co.uk/str-

The rough program for the day will be as follows:

areas A = Right hand end B = Left hand end C = Centre.

10am Hall opens (Area A) Beginners & improvers (Note: Area A will stay
available for practice until 5.30pm.)

  1. 30 (Area B and C) Warm up and into unicycle games for riders from
    improver up to advanced. (Roger and Sarah with help from Fiona)

11.30 am (Area B) Unicycle Barn dance basics workshop with Fiona, Ron
Jennifer & David Hawkins )

12.30-1.30pm (Area B) Unicon Dance group workshop, working with Fiona and
Ron Hawkins to create a British unicycle folk dance for Unicon11.
Riders for this group should be able to free mount, idle, ride forwards
and turn both ways under control and be able to ride backwards a
little, and intending to go to Unicon11!

13.30 Social ride to supermarket, or tour of school grounds or similar.

2pm-3pm (Area B) Basketball with Paul IUF Obstaclecourse outside (Area C)
Long jump practice

3pm-5.30pm (Areas B + C) Hockey with Rocket

14.30pm Chip order, we take an order for food from a local chippie.

15.30pm Food Time!! Clear up hall, Band set up in Area B, set benches at
sides of hall.

6pm-8.30 pm Barn Dance (Raffle draw at 8pm during the dance) Open to non
unicyclists as well.

16.30-9pm clear hall.

For those of you that are travelling a distance and would like somewhere
to sleep, there will be floorspace available at Jackies house. Please
bring sleeping bag and something to share for breakfast. If you stay over
there is the option of going to the sunday Circus club for just 2ukp.

For more info on Kidderminster Uni Meets contact Steve Grainger on
Tel/Fax: 01432 890634 Mobile:07970 107845 Email:stevegrain@aol.com

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