Uni measurements?

I’ve been wanting to make something cool with the modeling software I got free from school (Rhinocerous and a few add-ons for more realistic light, cartoon-style rendering, etc). I’ve made a sword with a few minutes of details and setting up better lighting left to do (picture of recent render at http://invoke.frihost.net/images/sword.jpg ).

I’ve started modeling a unicycle, but I’m having a hard time finding actual measurements of the parts. I don’t believe I’ll ever do all the little details, but at least the frame, basic shape of the seat, tire (incl. rim, spokes, maybe the nubs on the tire) I will do. I’d like to do a 24" DX since that is what I want, but I’ll go with whatever measurements I can get. Does not have to be available to buy, can be any combination of parts that will fit together.

I’ve started already and will continue to work on it over the summer; I’ll guess dimensions that aren’t available. I don’t have any kind of unicycle yet (waiting on money, no idea how long) so I can’t get them myself.

the proportions on this uni are pretty nice, seatpost maybe a bit long


there are ones that look better but they don’t seem to be on any of the unicycle.coms anymore.

uhhh…I think he wanted measurements. If you want, I can measure my qu-ax 24" muni, but I don’t have a DX.

Any kind of uni is fine. The measurements I really want are:

The radius (or diameter) of the inside of the rim, the radius or diameter of the complete wheel assembly (outside of tire to outside of tire) and the width of the tire. The hub’s measurements if you know them without having to measure it (not worth taking anything apart even if you were willing) also.

I have (poorly) made a picture with the rest of what I would like. This will NOT be excruciatingly detailed, so dimensions like the holes in the pedals are useless. The bolt at the seatpost I will just make corners same height with radius of the round part as length and width. Now that I think about it, the arch would likely be wasted effort that I can estimate (or not do and make this a generic M/Uni). Seatpost diameter is available in unicycle.com store, so I don’t need that. I don’t really need the radius of part of the frame where the seatpost is inserted either, and the bolted thing to keep it in is also covered by this, so scratch those.

I appreciate any help on this.

I changed the picture after I first uploaded it making much of the paragraph preceding it pointless. I exceeded the 10 minute edit window while do so though; I’m double-posting to try to clarify.

Finally got them done. I was doing other stuff too, hence the wait. I think I got a little carried away, but I had fun. If you have any questions about my numbers, any I didn’t get, whatever, just ask. All the pics and diagrams in my gallery.

That really helps; I’ve been redrawing it in Rhino in 2d so I don’t need to measure it out for the 3d model.

I’ve done all the 2d except the seat so far. I’ll continue on it later today or maybe tomorrow.

This is what I’ve done so far:

The rest, except for the seat, is still outlined in 2d.

I’ll probably redo the frame a little later, since the legs look so fragile.

Still need to do pedals, cranks, the seat, and maybe I’ll do spokes.

hey that looks pretty cool! are you going to ad colour?

I’d definantly make the tube frame part wider, and add a little less tire clearance. other than that it’s awesome. it’s 110% better than I could do.