Uni Magazine

Can anyone tell me the status of the Uni Magazine? Is it stiill in production and what was the last issue? I love the magazine and have not received one in forever !!!

Issue 11 was the last to be mailed, and that was last year. Issue 12 is more than 5 months late, and according to Mike Penton, it was supposed to be out in time for Unicon 09, and mailed out in 12/09. I PM’d Mike a while back, asking about it, but have not received a response to my last inquiry. The magazine has been late before, but not to this extent. I hope it has not ceased publication.

It would be nice just to hear from Mike as to the status. Most magazines, Newspapers,and periodicals have deadlines to meet. If there’s no deadline, then there is no telling when a publication might come out, if ever. I’m still holding out hope. :slight_smile:

i really hope it hasnt ceased publication. my aunte bought me a subscription to it for xmas…ive only gotten 1 mag since…if hate to tell her she spent 72 dollars on a single magazine :frowning: plus i was really enjoying them

Same for me. (Except I bought it… not your aunt)

I’ve gotten individual mags from UDC, as soon as the latest issue comes out and we know they haven’t ceased publication, I will be subscribing. It’s a well put together magazine, with nice photos, articles I want to read, and submissions from both sides of the Atlantic. very cool indeed.

mikepenton hasn’t responded to the two messages I sent over the last 6 months through the uni mag website.
His last activity on this site was almost 3 months ago (5/21)!

I subscribed back in January and asked not to receive the current issue (issue 11) but he sent it anyway. So I don’t feel like I’ve received anything that I ordered yet.

Does anyone here know Mike? What’s going on?

I’m confused why more riders on this forum aren’t upset about this.
Are there only a few of us suckers who fell for the subscription?
Does anyone else have a subscription?

no apparently im a sucker too. he hasnt replied to any of my emails. im kinda angry about that actually. like honestly, its not a cheecp subscription…did we all just pay 72 dollars for 1 issue???

According to emails received many months ago from both Kris and Josh from udc, Uni magazine has apparently ceased publication. What really upsets me is that Mike didn’t even have the common courtesy to post an explanation or apologies to those who had paid him for full subscriptions or individual copies. Whatever his reasons and/or hardships that necessitated the end of publication, he owed his subscribers an explanation.

I too have tried in vain to get any kind of reply from him. Really unprofessional and sad. Like many others, I was hoping there was just a delay between issues, and wanted to give Mike the benefit of the doubt, but so much time has passed without a single word from him–and then the news from KH and Josh–made it abundantly clear that uni magazine is history, along with many subscription fees.

Well that sucks and sorry to hear people have lost out on their subscriptions.

But thanks for the update as I was considering subscribing as well.

Where is this news? Was it posted to the forums?

I wonder if his site is still accepting payments for new subscriptions!

This is the point; Mike Penton has not posted anything about it. Numerous emails from many concerned subscribers and people wanting to or inquiring about subscribing have not been responded to. It has been nearly a year since the last issue.

The unimag website has not even been updated in nearly a year! I would NOT recommend anyone try to subscribe! So many who had paid for subscriptions have been left high and dry.

I got a page not found error when I tried last week or so. That’s the main reason I didn’t subscribe - I meant to try to contact him or post here but sort of forgot about it until I saw this thread.

I just tried the page again, just to see and still a page not found error.

Uni magazine website is still there, but it hasn’t been updated since about 12/09! With so many people who had subscribed and not received as much as a single issue, I don’t see why anyone would subscribe now. Mike Penton had told me that issue 12 would be released/mailed by Christmas '09. Nine months later and still no issue 12, and not peep from Penton.


Yeah - by page not found, I meant when you click on the subscribe link within the website.

This is too bad. I know Mike was having a hard time with the magazine, but there should have been an explanation at the least about what happened, and why so many people have apparently wasted their money. I’m not happy about renewing my subscription and only getting a few issues. Hopefully Mike will see this thread or something and explain… I hope he’s doing ok though, cause I remember him posting something maybe a year ago about having trouble juggling his full time job and doing the magazine.

I’d like to think he owes me ~$70.

I don’t know Mike at all, his history, or his reasons for not producing more issues.
But if the guy doesn’t refund the money for undelivered issues, then he has committed a crime… theft. Even if he is a nice guy, a fellow unicyclist, and is (was) a respected member of our community, it’s still illegal.

Can you elaborate on this?

Glad this was brought up. Now that we know “this dog don’t hunt” anymore, is there ANY other uni type pf mag out there? Or are we S.O.L?

The Unicycling Society of America has been around a long time, since about 1973? Not sure if they still publish a magazine, but I’m pretty sure the website is still active and taking memberships, and John Foss is the webmaster. It was just updated today.

Last I heard, Mike was on his honeymoon, and since then has forgotten about unicycles? Go figure.

He’s got a nice set of disk brakes… read all about it in the next issue!