Uni magazine issue 4

conspicuously ignoring Into The Blue’s herring remarks

I though I was going to have a subscription through USA, but now that they’re back doing OWW, I don’t think that’ll happen. Will they still be available as single issues through UDC?

single issues (and subscriptions) are available through www.canadianunicycling.com :slight_smile:


I realize that it takes a lot of work for these to be put out, but in issue 3 it was issue 4 out in June 2007. That was over 6 months ago. 6 months late is extremely late, and I expected that even if the issue were going to be late to let us know on here, and probably make some commitments as for when to expect to have it.

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Seriously… any info on when to expect issue 4? (Is it coming at all?)

I should have a date for printing in the next few working days. Once that’s set I’ll calculate the shipping dates & announce it.

so to verify, the USA is back to OWW and I will have to buy single issues from UDC or Brian MacK?


That’s the biggest smiley face I’ve ver seen. It’s kinda creepy…

I’ve just received the following information from USA President Wendy Grzych: The USA intends to provide the next three issues of Uni Magazine to all members in good standing. If Uni Magazine is able to establish quarterly publication, then these three issues will be distributed in conjunction with the next three issues of the USA’s quarterly newsletter, On One Wheel.

Wendy said that the USA Board of Directors decided to refocus On One Wheel back to its original circa 1974 mission of being a quarterly newsletter. This was seen in On One Wheel Volume 29, Number 4 that was published late last year. The, “new,” On One Wheel dropped the expensive glossy paper, offset printing, professional binding and distribution and bulk mailing. Instead, it was produced on a laser printer and stapled, processed and mailed by volunteers.

How can such a loverly image be creepy? :thinking:

And the opposite-these are only seen through a microscope. Would be great if you could inject them to cure all the ills of humankind!:):):):slight_smile:


But then they would begin to make your antibodys too happy to concider attacing antegens :astonished:



Uni mag

So I recently (or well, somewhat recently) subscribed to Uni magazine, starting at issue four. There was a deal going on to also get a free buff and calendar…I believe the calendar was for the year 2007…

That’s ok though, I’m still excited for it…I’ll just cut it up and hang the good pictures on my walls.

I still haven’t heard of any solid date yet though…but i’ll just be here waiting patiently to read my first Uni magazine :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

You don’t even have an inkling how hard that is.

any more news?

Is it just me or have 16 working days gone by since he said that?

This will surely be a disappointment.

I also feel like I could be getting some use out of my “uni buff” while the colder weather is here, haha. I feel I have been fairly patient for the first issue of my subscription, which was ordered long long ago. Maybe I should have asked for issue 3 as the first issue… :roll_eyes:

Anyway, I would hope that I am getting a 2008 calender, since 2007 has slide away and been gone while waiting for my subscription … even tho the months of 2008 are slipping away themselves.

16, 60? it dossn’t matter the wait goes on … … … and on… :frowning: