Uni magazine issue 4

Has anyone seen issue 4 yet? I e-mailed the contact address on the magazine’s website 3 weeks ago when I noticed that the issue was listed for sale, but I haven’t had either a reply or my subscription copy.

No I haven’t had mine yet. But hopefully if it’s listed on the website it means it’s imminent. Something to look forward to in the next few days then? :slight_smile:


How exciting! (but no, I haven’t had my copy yet)

I made the same mistake a month ago. It has been listed on the site for awhile, but not with the final cover. I think it is still in the works. Mike has promised in earlier postings to let us know when it is ready.

I haven’t even received issue 3 yet.

Really? I had mine around 1 April (no pun intended).

Nothing has changed, it’s still in progress and I’ll still post when I have exact details.

I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait!


Maybe we should set up a race to see which will arrive first:

  1. Issue 4 of Uni magazine
  2. Delivery of the new coker unicycle
  3. Christmas


why is the mag so expensive?

Because the paper that it is printed on comes from a very rare Canadian Redwood that Mike Penton cuts down personally. Getting to such a remote location and then dragging the tree back by hand takes some time you know.
The ink that’s used is from the almost extinct rare giant squid of the species Architeuthis, which Mike personally catches while scuba diving off the shores of Australia.
The printers that the artwork gets sent to is of such a high standard that it makes the dwarves of Gringotts look like bumbling amateurs.

You should feel awe and wonder when you hold a copy in your hands.

wow. maybe i should order a copy. after seeing what great part of history the are!:smiley:

Any magazine for niche markets will be expensive. My brother owned a small magazine that catered to computer network specialists - when I saw the subscription rate I nearly swallowed my teeth.

I s’pose unicycling hasn’t completely arrived yet. But on the bright side - we’re the pioneers.

What really takes the time is ensuring and watching the trees that were cut down be replaced and grow to maturity. And have you ever tried to get ink from those squid? Don’t even go there!

And did Mike mention he has to cut down the tree with a herring?

and what’s more it has to be the largest tree in the forrest

Mike P., what’s the word on vol. 4 release date?

I ask the same :o

Peter M

Is there comany still in existance?

There comPany you mean I think?
And I geuss so.

Peter M