)–/=======O The First Annual “John Foss Birthday - UNI KEYBOARD ART

by: Steve Dressler


Since JF hooked me to the NG last year while in HK on his “Eagle Training - Tah
Tan Gah” mission, I have greatly enjoyed all the UNI info exchanged, with
particular interest in the humorous and artistic posts.

I’ve especially enjoyed reviewing $ copying unique uni-art from the keyboard,
and have as many of you will recognize, created many new forms of my own. For
example, Mr SDG from the U.K. has a nice one on his own I.O.U. E-Mail footer.

** Simon, please re-submit for all to see.

I PROPOSE that all of you scratch your Artistic Uni Heads and come up with
original submissions on the theme of “UNI KEYBOARD ART.” Please submit your:

  1. Name

  2. Sex

  3. Age

with each original design. This is actually an “Expert Freestyle” event where 8
year old beginners could actually upstage established Level 10 champions!!

We can then all review and discuss the submissions. There will be “prizes for
the winners.” If there are enough, and they merit printing, I might actually
print them all with credit to the artists. As for prizes, John and I will come
up with them. Ex: A One Year Free Subscription to “Jack Halpern’s Joke Club.”

I’ll also suggest that there be a two week time limit on the submissions. Today
is March the 4th in HK, “Contest” ends on March 18.

*** Problem is, with all the “stuffing” going on during the last thread on
“Bicycling Magazine,” I’m not sure “voting” is the way to go. Anyway, my
contest, my rules.

Below, for your reference are some simple ones which I typed up last night,
followed by John’s addition.

Happy Typing and may the best Keyboard Win!!!

                                 "Eight E-Bay Cycles"

>> (Just For F.U.N.)

>> )–/===========O 12 footer )–/=========O 9 footer )–/=======O 8
>> footer )–/=====O 6.5 footer )–/===O 5.5 footer )-/==O “Penguin” )–O
>> “Piece Of Schwinn” O Ultimate Wheel

>Is it okay if I share the above with the unicycle newsgroup? Or just send it
>out yourself, with your own brand of silliness. Don’t forget this one:
> )-D “Tah-tan-gah” cycle

P.S. Let’s all wish the “Uni Cyclone” a Happy 30 something birthday today!!

S. Tah Tan Gah!!!!! (6 foot) )--/=====D !!

                                                            o/  "Tah Tan





Here’s my submission! Rick Bissell Male, age 40

.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~. <-uni snow-track

:.~~~~~~~~#!@# <-newbie learning to ride

....`~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ <-rolling mount

.~ <-freemount into idle

.~[] <- riding over 15x15 block

.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ <-bunny hopping

.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ! #@!% <-newbie bunny hopping