UNI in TOKYO? (fwd)

  • could someone help me with some info please…
  • Where abouts in Tokyo can I pick up a unicycle?

At a unicycle shop.

  • and what type would be a good one to get from there?

A Taiwanese (sp?) model (NO! :slight_smile:

  • any help would be appreciated TIA ^^^^^^^^

Hmmm, sorry, seriously I do not know.

I guess this is unappreciated because it is not any help.

I rode my unicycle up to university today. Well from my car to the lecture room
anyway. There seem to be even wirder looks than down the street. I wonder if it
is the accumulated intellegence (sp?) level?

have fun Scott

Scott HOne shone@neumann.une.edu.au

Re: UNI in TOKYO? (fwd)

They make some very good unis in Japan. Miyatas are the most famous. I believe
that Jack Halpern VP of the IUF is out of town. He lives in Tokyo. He really
could help you.

When will you be in Tokyo? That is, if you will be the buyer.

The Japanese Unicycling Federation (JUA) is a large organization with lots of
members at the schools.

Jack’s E-Mail address is jhalpern@super.win.or.jp I suggest that you send him a
direct post. If it becomes urgent and Jack has not replied, let me know thru
E-Mail and I will try to get the phone number of some uniriders in Japan whom
you will be able to call for orientation.

Alberto Ruiz Ruizb@aol.com