Uni Geezer: "Hiker comments & whatnot"

While doing a 10 mile MUni ride at Backbone trail this morning starting at Will Rogers State park, I had lots of really nice comments from people, and I felt especially lucky to have met this really cool group of hikers who provided some comic relief, and took there chances trying to ride my MUni!

There was a guy in the group who claimed to be a hollywood Stuntman! I had warned one of the ladies (Mya:)) to be careful of getting a pedal bite, but unfortunately she got bit! :astonished:

I had planned to get footage of my decent from the top, bombing my way down, but I realized when I was about to start back down, my car/home keys were MISSING!!!

I thought I was screwed with no way to get home, and my cellphone was in my car! it wasn’t until I traced my earlier rest stops that I found them 90% of the way back down! What a relief!

But I was still happy with the fun antics and I hope you enjoy the “Comments & Whatnot!” And MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL! :D:p:) :sunglasses:

Kinky Linky: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lule1FsAn4I

Forgot to warn that at the two-minute mark, a lady (after watching me ride down a particularly steep, narrow and rocky section) says: “I think you’re a crazy Mother Fu##er!” I forgot to “bleep” it, but it’s pretty funny so it’s in there. Then she said I looked like a “skateboard punk” haha! :roll_eyes: She was just playin’ and they were all really fun to chat with!

That was quite a funny video. Loved the comments !! :slight_smile:

She is not a ‘lady’ if she’s using language like that. You should also chew with your mouth closed. Pretty weird video. There was no riding. :angry:

haha funny video. made me laugh alot thanks.

Yeah, that’s why I titled it “Comments”. I had planned to videotape but then I got sidetracked after losing my keys on the trail, and so trying to find them took priority over filming. I will be shooting a new “Coker Muni” video (on Christmas day!) with drops included! Merry Merry!:smiley:

Weren’t you scared that your uni could fall down the bridge? The holes on the rails were quite big :smiley:

Goold movie but no ride
Thr woman lol

you are y crazy mother fu****

Sorry for my bad english

Yeah I know but I was hoping for at least a little riding.
Oh well.
Merry Christmas everyone! only 51 minutes of Christmas here where I am.

Haha there was 10 miles if riding…just no filming haha!:o But I’m about to go on a coker muni and hopefully get some cool footage! Merry Christmas to you too!

My favourite quote? “it’s just fear - it’s not that I can’t”!! It’s funny how our baloney-generators (that’s a Steven Pinker reference) kick into full gear when we’re feeling embarassed … but good on them for trying. I have yet to convince a friend my age to give it a go … makes me feel like the total idiot I probably am :smiley:

I’m totally in love with her, really.

Haha, I saw her first!:stuck_out_tongue: