Uni-friendly MTB race this weekend 2009-04-26

Here’s a link to bikereg to sign up for a two-hour endurance MTB race in Schenectady NY (2.25 hours North of NYC) on Sunday April 26, 2009 at 9AM:

Please note: there is a Unicycle division!

Heather Rizzi (race organizer) says:

This race is really fun. Most of us in the extended Team Personal Rollercoaster (Capuni, Rolandisimo, Brad, and I) have ridden these races before and they’re super fun. Also, this is no crappy 15-minute race for the uni division. We race the whole enchilada - 2 hours. If two-hours of singletrack muni doesn’t give you your $20 entry’s worth, then you’re one sick rider. (or you’re Ken Looi).

So get it together folks. A couple hours from MA, VT, PA, NJ, and NYC. If someone needs to come up Saturday night, I can provide floor space.

And if you come, I’ll buy the beer (or non-alcoholic beverage of your choice) afterwards.

I’m In, just registered.
Note she always has prizes!

Ok… I’ll be there to fill out the podium.

I think what Ro means is every time he’s raced there, he’s won the uni division and thus got a prize. For the rest of us… there aren’t always prizes. :roll_eyes:

After my new-found Coker-love, I’m afraid I may go back to the tractor for this one: KH24.

How about the rest of you - what will you be riding?

29er. Steve, you should ride the 29er guni. There are a couple of stretches that would be a blast on the gear.

I’m going to treat this as another experiment and do one lap with a 24, one with a 29, and one with the 36er and then compare speeds and UPD’s. Kind of like I did on the road tonight with different cranks/gearing.

Question is, which order should I ride them? I’m thinking I’ll do the 36er first because it could suck on these hills and it would be good to get it over with.


It’s going to be a tough lap with the 36er.
In the name of science, I may try out the KH29 guni, as well as my KH24 w/137s.

If we all start off on the 36ers, I think the 2-wheelers will be stunned. Especially with the 36er guni. Someone should bring a video camera to record the start.

I was thinking that would be cool. But …

I was just attempting to take the seat post out of my Coker to shorten it. About halfway out it got harder and harder to remove, and now it’s stuck. Really stuck.

I’m bumming.