Uni-featuring list

I would like to thanks all people who helped me for the uni-featuring list. You
can take a look at it at http:</a>\Zeni.swurl.net It’s not very long list, but
that’s all I found for the moment. So new references are welcome. See you.

Re: Uni-featuring list

hm, did anyone mention Fun and Fancy Free? I don’t remember seeing it mentioned,
and it isn’t on the list; I’m surprised I didn’t mention it myself. While it is
without a doubt one of the best Disney movies ever made simply for having
Charlie McCarthy in it, a good chunk of the movie is about a unicycling bear
named Bongo.

the little guy even uses the unicycle as a weapon!

I remember Disney had a quicktime movie clip on their site somewhere, but since
they don’t sell the movie on tape anymore, they might have taken it down. . . I
certainly haven’t been able to find it. . .



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