Uni dog backpack

I’ve got a crazy scheme in mind. And being that its pretty crazy, I thought I better run it by a few sane people here (ok, so that means only sane peeps need reply :slight_smile: … humm, that kind of narrows it down, eh?! :stuck_out_tongue: )

I like to roll around town with the company of my wee dawg. He is only 11 lbs of spit and snarl - he is a ‘pitPom’. Generally we go longboard skateboarding together. And we like to go a long ways for a long time. When he gets a bit weary he begs a ride and then, comfortably settled in my arms as I kick and glide, we continue on our way.

So recently I figured: “Why not take him uni’ing with me”? along the same routes as I skate: bike paths, the seawall, etc? Say I’m on a 20 inch uni, not too fast for his wee paws, right? And say he gets tired? A little awkward to scoop him in my arms, maybe say I plop him into a doggie backpack…he rides for a while and then paws meet pavement again.

I don’t know if 11 lbs in a doggie back pack might be a bit much on a uni. What do you think?

should be fine, u will have to adjust to the weight a bit, just practice riding about with him in, sounds like a bloody good idea
think i could get a squid bag for my eight foot long, korean whale hunter?:smiley:

(hey, u said i was sane, jj):stuck_out_tongue:

I think you would definately be able to ride with 11 pounds on your back, it might start to hurt after a while though. Just don’t hop :wink:

if you could get your dog to ride on the front of your longboard it would be the most adorably cool thing I have ever seen. I would work on that if I were you.
The uni thing, it would probably work, but your dog might move around which would make it tough.

…not a great pic but you get the idea…

jamie cr pin.jpg

I need a dog that can do that, I would get so many ladies.


too true… I must loan him to you some time…

that would be great :slight_smile:

As another alternative for your dog, check this site out-

it’s no gimmick, the dog really can skateboard and clearly loves to do so- if you go to the ‘movies’ page there’s some excellent clips of Tyson in action.


Yes, Tyson is one amazing skateboarding dog! He is well known and respected in the skateboard community.

I saw him on TV.
What a cool dog :sunglasses:

Re: Uni dog backpack

Erin wrote:
> I don’t know if 11 lbs in a doggie back pack might be a bit much on a
> uni. What do you think?

I think if you happened to fall off backwards then at least you’d have a
soft landing.

Have you thought about using a cat carrier for your dog?

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If you are serious, don’t mind spending money on quality, then let me introduce you to the ppl of RadicalDesign, who are making stuff for Brompton and Semcycle.

One other article that came from customer-requests, you like to see:

Further I know these back-packs a French SWAT Squad is using for parachute jumps. I know these are also made by a Dutch campany as well. But I don’t know any name or address.


You can do it! :smiley:

I have a chow lab mix named Uni, and a maltese (Chloe) and when we go for rides or cross country skiing I wear a pack for carying the little one when she gets tired or when the snow is deep. I have a pack that she can sit comfortably in with just her head sticking out it works great. She is a only seven pounds and I hardly even notice she is there. I definitly ride a little more carefuly when she is on my back and I take her out if I am doing something where I am more likely to take a tumble. The only thing I haven’t worked out is the camel back and dog but I dont take her on long rides anyway.

Leo, thanks for the links, the Radical products do look really top of the line. As for a doggie backpack, perhaps I confused you, it isn’t something for the dog to wear but rather for me to wear so that I can carry the dog on my back when he gets tired on a long ride.

Tellurider, its helpful to hear from someone who has tried this idea out. Did your dog take to the pack right away or were there some things you did first to help her get comfortable riding in there? Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated.

BTW, today I picked up a light duty trials uni and was able to walk the dog on the leash while I rode the 20 incher. I also looked at dog packs and tried him in a couple. So I’m on my way with this project and so far its looking hopeful.

dont fall backwards, maybe you should put the pack in front so if you fall, your hands can brace you and protect the dog, cause if you fell backwards on the dog it would hurt him

I’ve ridden good distances (20 miles in a day) with a 50 pound pack. Falling over backwards really isn’t an issue, if you’re doing street/sidewalk riding. Mounting and idling are more challenging, but riding is not much different, even with significant weight.

Erin, that “dog” looks more like a power bar to me. I think it would come in particularly handy when you’re hungry from pushing that longboard. Are you back on the trials cycle again yet?

Hi Greg! Power Bar! Ha, that’s just cause you’ve got a dog that would the equivalent to a side of beef!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I just scored a little powder puff trials machine today. No big flying leaps for me anymore but I was missing my wee hop-skip-and-jumps moves of year’s past.

here’s a pic of the new ride:

Tuni 2.jpg