Uni Construction

There have been some postings about building and modifying unicycles recently,
and I have been wondering if anyone on the net has actually made their own
unicycle. A unicycle seems simple mechanically, so it doesn’t appear that it
would be that difficult. Also, there is a book by Jack Wiley on building your
own unicycle or artistic bicycle, but I have never seen it.

Re: Uni Construction

A unicycle ethusiasist here at RIT made his own unicycle, mostly from parts of
other Unicycles. He got a 27" wheell from a 10 speed, put in short cranks from
another unicycle he had. The fork is made of aluminum slats, and theseat is yet
another salvaged part. Plumbing clamps holds the seat to the aluminum.

It’s not hard to make a unicycle, just be creative with the mechanics.