uni-bike looking for a good home

I have 2 of the often-mentioned “what is this?” known as a uni-bike (or skate bike). They have a 12" back wheel with a skateboard truck wheel assembly in the front. Since my nephews became old enough to drive, vehicles with less than 4 wheels are less desirable, & the bikes have just been hanging in my garage. I know many readers have children, and would like to give these (individually or together) to someone that will ride them.

A short note explaining who will ride them (so I won’t have to worry about someone getting them just to re-sell on eBay) can be sent to unicyclist at earthlink dot net. If you’ll pay shipping, I’ll send one or both of them to you, as long as you’re in the continental U.S.


Re: uni-bike looking for a good home

if i were you i would’nt worry about it.if someone wants to buy them and sell them again on ebay then thats there foolish investment.

those things are not fun,not desired and when i saw one as a kid,i raw away from it as fast as i could!

maybe you should force your nephews to take them since they suck so bad…? i know! you could stick them in there car trunks (boot) when they are not looking as a cruel joke…

Hey, just because it has too many wheels, it doesn’t make it bad… Oh wait, yes it does!
My brother-in-law has one of them, and none of us ever figured out how to ride it. I saw a guy down in Brazil riding one, though, so I know they’re possible.


I’ll admit that it has too many wheels, but it’s kind-of a cute little toy. I’ve found it fun to ride around at our juggling festival when I’m so tired I need a physical break - it’s significantly less ‘work’ than either juggling or unicycling (at least the way i juggle or unicycle).

My son would love to have one. I sent you an e-mail already, hope you got it. You are a wonderfully generous guy to share.

that’s the kinda attitude that’ll get u far around here…



I emailed you late Sunday night regarding finding a new home for one of your unibikes. I checked late MOnday night, and the message came back because you have spam blocker on your email account.

So, I will post here. I have three sons, ages 9,5, 3, and one on the way in November. So that’s four kids that will be able to ride on, fight over, argue and push each other off of. Also, I we can find a nice pleasant place in the garage. There it can be sung to by the crickets at night.

Please email me at teachndad (at) unicyclist(dot)com with a response, if possible.

Thankyou for your gracious offer.

I have gotten the replies, and am out of town this week on business. I’ll email the lucky winners this weekend with contact info.


dont bother with the e-mail,i already know that it must be me…