Uni at the Skatpark- Street

New video is out, filmed at the skatepark. Read the description on youtube for more details.


Feedback on my grinds or anything else appreciated and i hope you enjoy.


yeah man looking good, just keep working on your shit, thats it

Lmao at 1:40! Um yeah with your grinds try and stay on till the end by leaning into it kinda, and hitting it with speed helps.

But a good vid really, especially for how long you’ve been riding. Good song and editing. You’re inproving super fast. But where were the crankflips?! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sweet. 'grats on the 3spins. Keep it up man, you’re improving pretty nicely.

You squashed it into widescreen didn’t you… You bad person.

Film quality was nice though.

360 unispins were nuts, you kick your legs out like crazy. The body varial was nice too, you got a good full varial. Grinding was cool, perhaps I should learn. Looked like you were going for a blunt over the flat rail, such a wicked trick. Looks like you’ve got some pretty good skaters there too.

Good stuff.

I didn’t sqaush it into widescreen, the computer, WMM or YT did it, not me! :roll_eyes:
Thanks though.

i think you must have done it when you exported it… haha
but oh well. nice quality! do you have a HD camera?

Pity your the wrong jeremy ; :roll_eyes: