uni.5 = pandora = dubya

aardvark@notthistubulidentata.demon.co.uk writes:
>I think “uni.5” is a fine name, but perhaps David can suggest something
>more appropriate. Either way, I hope Greg will let me try “Dubya”* out
>Arnold the Aardvark
>* Unnamed Unicycle => UU => Double-U => W => Mr. Bush :slight_smile:

I wasn’t thrilled with ‘Pandora,’ either. I like ‘Dubya,’ however, esp
given our current president.


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Re: uni.5 = pandora = dubya

> >* Unnamed Unicycle => UU => Double-U => W => Mr. Bush :slight_smile:

Maybe that should be ‘Untamed’ :slight_smile:

I’ve been looking at old posts about the Uni.5, but I still have a big question about this undoubtedly very cool apparatus. Can you switch gears while riding this thing, or is it permanently rigged at the 1.5:1 gear ratio?

here’s a picture of the shifter prototype model,the production model may have a helmet mount option.

dial indicator.jpg

No, it can’t be shifted. It is a fixed gear hub. The photo that Jagur provided should be viewed as it was intended … excellent comic relief. The photo actually is of Doug Massey’s neighbor holding the uni.5 with a dial indicator attached to it. Doug generously provided the dial indicator as a means for riders to measure the backlash.

Re: uni.5 = pandora = dubya

On Fri, 17 May 2002 15:32:19 -0500, nbrazzi
<nbrazzi.4te4y@timelimit.unicyclist.com> wrote:

>Can you switch
>gears while riding this thing, or is it permanently rigged at the 1.5:1
>gear ratio?

Harper’s uni.5 is a fixed gear ratio thing. I think it would be
supercool when one could change between 1:1 and 1:1.5 , and it would
be ultrasupercool when said change could be made on the fly, i.e.
while riding. Oh well, there remains something to aspire.

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Still, it is, no doubt, a cool ride. Too bad it’s not coming to D.C. on its tour. Are there plans to manufacture the design for consumers after its been tested?