unflatering riding pics.

post a photo of you riding that isn’t so delightful on the eye.
weather it be a facial expression or just awkward positioning.

ill kick things of with this one of me just fooling around tonight.

EDIT: long legs and sports shorts = bad idea.

Great thread idea!

Heres mine:


Nice one Edd!

Missed a no-footer!

uh… woman in the background mr boogiejuice…
family forum?
not a good combo…

found a new way to crack open nut’s?!?:smiley:

Give it a break, its not at all sexual. Its perfectly fine in a family forum. That event was in public, would you have told all those people to go home?

Its just a boob, get over it.

he’s just scared of nipples :roll_eyes:

this may be one of the best threads ever…

helmate 2.jpg

and why is that? When most of us were babies we were sucking on our mother’s to be fed.

I can’t wait for the day he sees a woman breast feeding her child in public.

Back on topic, ill get a few up soon.

Eye Bleach !! Eye Bleach STAT!

It’s not so much about family…as it is about workplace laws.
People who view this forum from work can be fired for having such pics in their history/cache. My IT guys are pretty cool about that sort of stuff but I have seen people fired for it before too.

A simple link with a NSFW tag is considered good etiquette for a pic like that.
Besides Jeez…that’s hideous, why post it at all??

why all the fuss? Have you never seen anyone naked before? :roll_eyes:

It’s not in a sexual context. Do you object to women breast feeding in public or bathing topless?

All those who object are silly… what’s wrong with some tits here and there?

it’s that you could get fired at work.

hey What are you doing reading forums at work???

oh come on… I’m 12 and have no problem in that photo, apart from it being incredibly funny! (but that is not a problem!)

There are loads of tits on this forum already.

One more pair isn’t going to hurt.

stop killing this thread and post pictures

sweeet fall.jpg

If you complain about getting fired for pictures posted on a forum, then its your fault for being on a forum that we all know has obscene pictures posted now and then during work.

Sorry I dont have any unflattering pictures of me right now.