uneven wear on coker tire

I took a look at my coker tire recently, and noticed it was not wearing
evenly. I was just wondering if the smoother riders tend to get more
even wear.

What I found was different than on my freestyle uni – on the coker, the
most wear was when the pedals were horizontal. This, I figure is mostly
from the fact that I don’t always pull off a smooth mount with my current
cranks. I suppose also, any time I need to make a sharp turn at slow
speeds, it will be with the pedals horizontal.

Is this the trend for others? I can’t yet idle well, so I’m sure the wear
pattern will change a bit once I can.

Most of my riding is on straight, flat roads and paths, and I generally
make it about 10 miles between dismounts.

Jeff Lutkus

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I noticed a similar thing after about a year on my 24-inch wheel, after semi-careful inspection i noticed that it was the part of the tire that touches the ground when i mount, I didnt think too much about it until the tread was practically gone in this spot and not anywhere else. (although it was getting there on the opposite side as well, possibly from learning to mount with left foot.)

I’m not too sure if this is a common thing, we may just mount our uni’s slightly different, resulting in more friction or something.

Anyway, lol, I doubt this helps anything, but just wanted you to know that I have noticed it with one of my uni’s before.



In my experience, all normal unicycle riding produces wear at the points
where the pedals are horizontal bc that’s where turning and mounting occur
most. Idling certainly tends to exacerbate this.

David Stone

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