Under fire while riding a uni.

Victim makes a one-wheel getaway
Under fire after stumbling upon some suspicious activity, a Des
Moines man escaped his assailants – by unicycle.

What do you think? Would running make more sense? I suppose it depends on the terrain and your skill level.

Tumwater WA

Lol awesome. It probably wasn’t a 20’’

Does he just not like unicylist? I’m amazed at how inaccureate people are.

That’s hardcore. Basically, any unicycle greater than 20" would be faster than running, and it’s not like they chased him anyway. Still, It would be easier to bob and weave on a unicycle to avoid gunshots.

True but this thread links to a better news article.

I also notice that is DesMoines, WASHINGTON! It will only be a matter of time until that type of behavior moves 30 miles north into Brier!

Time to start packin’, or at least ride with Harper.


:thinking: Unlawful possession of a firearm? :thinking:
Was it a handgun or did he have it hidden up his sleeve?
Did he simply buy it illegally or was it concealed without a permit?

I dunno, every time I do the Terry Fox run on my 24" muni, I get passed by all the runners… Sprinting away from gunfire, I think I’d be better off carrying my muni :wink: A coker on the other hand…