Under Armour

I might be buying some under armour for snowbording and before I do, I want to know if anyone has tried it and if it works good for muni too. It would be a shame to buy expensive shirts I would never use.

just try it out, as long as you are sweaty it should work

Under aAmour is great dude. The patented moisture transport system works unbelievably well. I ski and unicycle in my armour and it always keeps me dry and comfortable. Although pricey, it is very high quality and i would say it is some of the best athletic clothing on the market. I’ve tried MANY different types if wick-away clothing, and Under Armour is simply THE BEST.

I was thinking about getting some too. I would use it for ultimate frisbee. How well does it work in 80+ degree and 70+ percent humidity? I usually end up getting soaked in my own sweat when I play.


I have that, it works perfectly! I use it for snowboard and for muni! The one I have is “Dainese” branded. It’s very good

Under Armour makes clothing for hot weather and cold weather. I have some of their “Heat Gear” Tshirts, and they work great for hot weather when you sweatin a lot. Check out their website if you havent already.

I went to a bike shop in newbury park and asked if they had under armour. The girl started showing me pads and said she didn’t know what I was looking for.

What is Under Armour?
Is it like CoolMax?


Yeah, it’s pretty much the same stuff. Does anyone know of a store that sells the cold and heat versions? The bike shop I went to had some of it (different name brand) and none for cold.

It is like CoolMax but it works much better.

I have bought all my under armour on ebay. Best selection and best prices.

Do you buy it a size smaller so it fits tight or are the sizes smaller than usual?

Buy your regular size, it is already designed to fit tight.