Ultimate wheels.

Hi all.

I built myself an ultimate wheel recently out of cast off bits of bikes, and
have got into riding the darn thing quite a lot. The problem is that my home
brew wheel is already showing signs of failure, mainly in the way I attached the
pedals to the wheel. I used two right bike cranks, bolting the spider directly
to the wheel. This ends up with loads of bolts and assorted metalwork to rub
against your legs, so I covered each side with hardboard to hide this mess.

The question is, how have other people made ultimates, or where did they buy
them and for how much. I hear DM have made some, 24" I think, with a single
large metal plate threaded for the pedals inset into a piece of plywood. I am
keen to stay with the 27" I am using now, since it seems easier than the 24 I
tried, better for racing (!!), and the tyre is actually narrower than the wood
so dosnt rub on your shins at all.

Any suggestions out there please?

Rik. “Less wheels than most”