Ultimate Wheel

Here’s me after my first couple of days of trying, also a quick jousting shot at the start(I’m on the left). Qualitys pretty bad and it’s my first shot at editing but hey watch it if you want.


yer thats pretty good. but the camera quality was really bad, was that taken on a camera phone?

Wow,nice riding!
I didn’t like the music… :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve never tried UW, but it’s looks awesome!
Gotta try some day…

OH NO! Entrance of the Gladiators??? oh well… good riding though!

awesome riding
where did you get your uw

he built it

Yeah I made it theres a thread here.
And the video was shot on a 4 year old digital still camera.
I couldnt resist the music.

MAN THIS IS CRAP. I heard the music. turned it off in Three seconds. Its probally good rideing tho, juding by what others say.