Ultimate Wheel (mostly) Not Touching Legs At All

With good weather, and almost 2 years in since I started UW, figured was time to share an update. One of my main goals since first learning UW was to ride without it touching my legs at all. I’m not 100% there, but I’m finally feeling pretty good about it:

Thank you guys for all the advice and support!!!


Kudos for riding that thing (I sound like a non unicyclist, I know) for nearly two minutes! You must have have thighs like the Hulk. :leg:t3:

Ha! Thanks man!

Yeah, a lot of hours practicing and building endurance. But just as important loads of time trying to refine the technique to be smoother and less tiring, just like seated uni.

Fwiw to anyone else who wants to work on this, I recommend focusing on and/or drilling the following:

  • idling on the UW (both sides)
  • standing stillstand on a seated uni
  • smooth pedaling and bent knees
  • riding on rough ground, cobbles, upturned sidewalk, etc.
  • leaning yourself into the turns, not just the wheel, practicing circles both directions
  • vary your practice, don’t fall in a rut
  • start with the right leg protection, but gradually remove more and more so you can feel the wheel even faintly rubbing, and you’re very motivated to fix it :wink:

Last thing I was told by a fellow rider that made no sense at the time:
“Balance on the wheel.”
Just because you’re off the ground and the wheel is holding you up, that doesn’t mean you’re balancing on the wheel. I understood better once I could even achieve a 5 second stillstand on seated uni.