ultimate size

what’s your choice, 24"? 28"?

is this really suitable for a family forum?

I heard bigger is better but it looks better when you ride on a 24"


the bigger it is the easier it is to ride.

28 also looks cooler

24" is what most people prefer for tricks and what not.

just to clarify are we talking about unicycle wheel diameters or reproductive organs?

one could be mistaken

and max, you ruinded the joke

well 24" is abit big, but it depends wot your lady likes…

no seriously 24" or 28" depends wot you are doing !

I ride with a 20",its what i do with it…

36" is the ultimate size. there can be no other.

Ultimate wheel, not uni. Hence the ultimate in the title.

36" isn’t the largest, Unicycle.com USA do a custom built 48" unicycle. As you can see here
Even though there’s a 2-3 week delivery.

one question ,can i extend my ultimate size in any way eg pills,exeraizes,ect

That isn’t an ultimate wheel, but yes there have been bigger ones.

whoops, my bad, i thought we were talking about unicycles until i realized that we were talking about ultimate wheels. I apoligise for that

I’m just thinking of what a 48" UW will look like. Damn will it ride up you badly. hahahaha :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: