[UK] unicyclists in cambridge and bristol


if any unicyclists are in cambridge from tommorow till the 20th of july or in bristol after the 20th of july, then we should go ride :stuck_out_tongue:

just send me a pm if you want to go ride sometime ! (or post in the thread but thats pretty obvious)


How about tring to come to the manchester on the 21st of july? theres a thread about it somewhere :slight_smile:

moving to my flat in bristol on the 20th of july… so thats not really a possibility. cheers anyways!

We play hockey every Wednesday night in Bristol.

You are more than welcome to join us.


I most definately will come on wedenesday nights to hockey, although i was looking more for a trials/street unicyclist to go ride with randomly in town.

Hey I live in Bristol and would love to come out doing a bit of street/trials

get in touch sometime

hey great to hear that theres another uni trials rider in brizzle now! (i dont know if there was anyone else but i havent seen anyone) i usually ride around bedmo and the city centre, drop me a msg sometime, we should all meet up!

awesome ahaha lets get this uni trials in bristol thing started. :smiley: add me on msn if either of you use that


remember Brendan, I’ll be in Bristol from October onwards, so we can get some Uber sidehops and gaps down!:slight_smile:

ahah yeah for sure ! although got some good skinnies planned (btw my sidehops kinda suck atm… but i’m sure they’ll be back tip top by october) :smiley:

I live near chippenham (which is near bath) My sister swims at the bristol union pool on mondays and wednesdays from 6:45 to 8:15 and sometimes untill 9:15 on mondays so I can easily get in for then. I can probably get a bus in on saterdays as well.

my email is m_collings@hotmail.co.uk