UK - Uni Meet Kidderminster

Hi All,

It probably isn’t my job to post this, but I have been waiting for an
official one to appear and it hasn’t yet - so sorry if I am treading
on anyones toes here.

As a new unicyclist (4 months in and out of the saddle !) I am excited
about the Uni Meet that is happening In Kidderminster this weekend -
Saturday 1st November - especially as it will be my first one :-). I
am just interested to see many many other unicyclists there hence this

01 November 2003 Uni-Meet - Kidderminster
A come and try unicycle event will all types of unicycling going on in
a friendly enviroment. One of the best, it has everything from learner
sessions to master classes for the best. Included is Hockey,
backetball, Muni and more. Wolverley High School, Blakeshall Lane,
Wolverley, Kidderminster, Worcestershire DY11 5XQ 11am-8pm
Contact Information : Steve Grainger, Email

I found out about it on - see above snippet.

See you all there


The Unimeets are great fun. I’ll be there on Saturday. I’m looking forward to a bit of hockey and hopefully some basketball. I might even blow the dust off the Ultimate Wheel.

I’m trying to ‘organise’ some MUni for the Sunday but there hasn’t been much response, yet:

yey, can’t wait!! my fist uni-meet was, i think, almost exactly one year ago, they are great hope to see u and everyone else there (im the ginger one by the way)


I am coming. :slight_smile:

For those who have not been to these unimeets, you are missing a great days. They are suitable for riders from absolute beginners up to the highest of standards. The event this time is located where BUC last year so there will also be a fantastic Muni as well.

Yes they are fun. I have a new hockey stick that needs Chistening as well.

I was about to do a reminder as well for people. I will send out a little newsletter today to remind people who are registered on for receiving it.

See you there.