UK UDC twelve days of christmas sale

Looks like us brits have one now:

although it isn’t starting untill monday… should be good.
as soon as it starts, post what you have found

cool, now all I need is money!

i need money too! i spent all my moey on christmas and hot chocolate!

It better have been more on the latter option! mmm hot chocolate :slight_smile:

:sunglasses: yeah i stopped in 3 seperate cofee shops today for hot chocolate

anyway… back on topic. WOOO i was hoping UDC UK would do this. Lets hope they reduce seat posts and a 27.2>25.4 shim just for me.

If they reduce a KH to a fiver i will go and kiss the nearlest guy in the street

I would too… wait no I wouldst! I’d just buy a new post!

Ti hubs £5 a dozen;)

One of these:

I hope they have some decent parts on sale.


Don’t need a giraffe. Shame. I hope they reduce a 36"er!

Ti ISIS hubs for me.

Just sold my giraffe. Nothing on there I want at the moment.

Good find Fraggle. Wasn’t this one of the christmas sale items on the US UDC?!

I don’t think the UK and US stores are connected, but they may follow suit.

I think it was, now that you mention it. Maybe no-ones buying the single chain giraffes?

it’s bags of fun finding what the next bargain is!

Lol, saw it earlier, about 8am, or shortly after.

There are also some offers on the Road Unicycle page

travel bag for £10 with any of the nimbus 36ers

Yeah. When I go for a 36er, it’s not likely I’ll be going anywhere out of riding distance with it, so I won’t want a bag.

Will be cool if there’s a discount on the KH Double Crown frame, I might be able to get one soon, but I doubt there will be discount on something new as that.

So what is today’s bargain?! some of us have limited browsing time due to jobs that don’t relate to unicycles :frowning:

Although in the time it took to load this page I think I’ve found it…

Edit: blimey, I’ve just realised someone already mentioned what it was, but I just thought that was another general thing… It’s amazing how much work takes your brain away from you and stops you being to function properly…