[UK] Trials/Street Exeter ride (nearly S.L.U.T.S.)

[UK] Trials/Street Exeter ride (nearly S.L.U.T.S.)

Hello this is the new Exeter ride which will hopefully be much better than the Plymouth II (car park) ride… (lets not talk
about that, and hope the weatherman is nice to us)

RIDE IS CANCELLED IF THERE IS RAIN ! So please leave some kinda e-mail address and check the day before. phone number if u really are behind with teh times :stuck_out_tongue:

So the ride :

Meet at 1pm at Tesco’s in exeter (pretty central…) a little walk from the main train station (exeter st.davids)

Plan for the ride :

Basically tour the city and ride everything that looks like fun :smiley:

Here is the list :

(basically this is a list where u put ur name if u want to go… lol)

  1. Brendan
  2. the hidden ghost

the hidden ghost is 2nd :stuck_out_tongue: unlucky. u’ll have to be third.

Hmm probably being stupid me i mean, but is there a date in that post, please say its a saturday otherwise u make me sad:(

yes it is a saturday :stuck_out_tongue:

there you go you are happy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

ahaha i didnt post a date in that post wot an idiot!

well its SATURDAY 24th of MARCH

sorry about that :stuck_out_tongue:

(amanda u could have told me :P)

what is “s.l.u.t.s” ? :thinking:

S.L.U.T.S is a mix of NUTS (norther unicycling sommit) and plymouth Uni ride

soemone said it on the Nuts II thread read the story to get the full thing, but it was quite funny and people said we should have a meet in birmingham… but so here is an exeter one which is abit more north than plymouth :stuck_out_tongue: so its a near mix but more plymouth than NUTS… :stuck_out_tongue: i hope that helps… it probably just confused you

i was so gonna reply sommit totally different… but well family forum…

I’m insulted

oo this sounds fun i shall defonatley come along xD

If you get down to the skatepark by the river ( just over millers crossing bridge) check out the ground level tramoline, its entertaining on a uni! the big mill stone thing at millers crossing could be fun to play on as well.

Tesco in the High St, is that the one you mean? Its on the jucntion of High St and Queen St for those who like maps. Or from St Davids or Central Station follow the signs for walking to City centre.

My thought proseses as I read your post:
:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:
:thinking: :thinking: :slight_smile:
spoted error :smiley: :smiley:

i can maybe make it; it depends on money for transport 'cos it’s pretty far…

I cant make this one, its the same weekend as the Snowdon ride!

Rock on!

indeed this will be AWESOME hopefully if weather permits it…


same week as snowdon… which i think i’ll go to :frowning: sorry folks

I should be going, but about a week ago i had an operation on my right testicle so i’m still a bit sore but hopefully i’ll be fully recovered by friday.

is this sunday, because maybe i’ll be able to make it after all- my work want me in on saturday which means i can’t make snowdon with edd and leo i think…

Thanx Amanda, i hope so too, i havn’t been able to ride for a week … it’s driving me insane!

If the worse comes to the worse i could always ride seat out in front but that kills your legs after a while lol!

well one day left to wait. Thnak god cause school sucks really really bad. I mean more than usual. And that is bad.

I hope the weather is good like this morning cause its quite nice and warm today :smiley:

Lucas save me can u give me a lift please i just realized i dont think i have enough money to get there :S ring me in the morning if u can 01409 221165


damn it u better come emrys :stuck_out_tongue:

anwyays weather is awesome lets all roll :smiley: