UK Street Riders Needed

As practice for the Web and ISD modules of my degree, I’ve just finished writing a new site: The site is there to contain news, a blog, pictures, videos, events, ride reports, rider profiles etc. And though I’ve finished the design etc, it has no content, so I was thinking it would be cool to put UK rider profiles up and maybe some peoples pictures/videos, to create a kind of directory of all the UK riders. So would anyone be interested in being put on the site or donating any media?


That is such a great idea dude!

Im fully behind you on this one! Im not a street rider, im more into trials, and im not great at that. But you should try and get some people like Joe Hodges, Mike, Lucas and Joe Baxtor.

Great idea dude!

Awesome site by the way dude! Looks great, I wish I could do web design like that. I can only use HTML! Lol!

Rock on!

I really like the idea of it. Sounds awesome, and an even awesomer (it is so a word) website. I’m up for giving you anything you need. Give me a shout as to what and I will try to comply.


ace ieda, nice website

looks like youve got it coverd but if you ever need any grphics doing give me a shout.

ace idea ill be up for it

ace ieda, nice website

looks like youve got it coverd but if you ever need any grphics doing give me a shout. People seam to think im good at it (mike anyway)

ace idea ill be up for it

Thanks for the feedback everyone! :smiley: I’m pretty much ready to start putting rider profiles on, so if you’re up for it (don’t hold back as I want as many as poss - and ability isn’t an issue) just pm me your name, age, any sponsors, what you ride etc. and maybe a thumbnail of yourself if you have it. As for pictures and videos I’d appreciate absolutely any kinds of contributions. :slight_smile: Thanks guys!

woah, woah, woah, who forgot to mention jas? I’m in, just gimme a shout if you need anything mate.

mad for it stick me up on the rider profile its a wicked idea of knowing who people are

Cool. I’ve PMed/emailed everyone so far, but if anyone else reading this is interested in having their profile on the site (the more the merrier and it would really help me out), just PM me the following and I’ll add you on there. You don’t have to be pro!

  • Name
  • Location
  • Date of birth
  • Sponsors if you have them
  • Website if you have one
  • A little bit about yourself (what you ride, competitions you’ve won, etc.)
  • A photo to use as a profile image (thumbnail size) if you have one

Also if anyone has suggestions or anything about the site, PM me and I’ll see what I can do…

BUMP. :smiley:

Need more peeps.

BTW. Edd, your profile is now up. Give us a shout if anything needs changing on it.

Cool! It looks rockin’! I might be contacting you for a change od website address in the not to distant future.

Rock on!

Oh yeh, who has the biggest photo on the site!

Sure just PM me or chuck it in this thread and I’ll swap it.

Just sent you some stuff but forgot to say i ride a KH20 with yellow TryAll flouro rim, carbon seat base and atomlab trailking pedals.

Great idea by the way i only came across it cause i was searching the forums for anybody in my area

Welcome to the forums TJ. What kinda riding you do? Got any vids you could showcase?


Ok, just an update: I’ve just finished coding the tutorials section, and am working on an image gallery, so if anyone has any tutorials or photos to donate, please do! Also I’m thinking of putting a compilation video together sometime in the new year featuring footage from everyone on the site so if you have any clips lying around, don’t hesitate to send them (my email is md9547 at gmail dot com).

Thanks guys

PS. I think it was Edd that mentioned Joe Hodges and Joe Baxter - anyone have a way of getting hold of them? It’d be cool to get them on the site - the more the merrier!

Thanks Jas

I like street riding, got my first uni about 3 ish years ago an Onza trials, then got myself the KH, originally was just trying to jump higher, gap further and do bigger drops and I’m still sort of doing that, but now I’m trying to add tricks and get them smoother.

Got a few people into unicycling but none are really up for street riding yet, I mainly go out with a friend who does bike trials but to be honest I’ve probably only been out about 30 hours worth of riding this year and probably not much more than double that the year before.

As for vids I’ve got nothing on web sites or anything, just sent my only decent clip from a video camera to milk for the site but a couple of others are just from a phone and aren’t that great quality.

you might wanna get the briish invasion video on there

and after BUC there will be loads of videos that people have made

Shaun Johanneson Crankflip Tutorial

Okay, I’m putting the British Invasion video on there via VodPod, which I guess I’ll leave as a placeholder until I have enough footage from people to edit into a video. Also I’m writing a couple of tutorials now (starting at kickmounts etc. and working my way up the difficulty scale), so if anyone wants to write anything at the harder end (crankflips, wallstalls etc.) then feel free. Also if you know anyone else that rides even a little bit of street - send them to this thread!