[uk] stevenage street/trials ride

right, i’ve been threatening to organise a ride for the longest while and i think as the weather is getting so good and stuff, i might as well pull my finger out…

stevenage has lots of urban features which are good for trials and it’s got loads of cycle routes. plus it has bowes lyon, a concrete skate park which used to be the envy of the uk. i think the indoor park has been shut down for some time, but i can phone up and enquire about the outdoor park as it’s sometimes closed and does have opening and closing hours. i would have held one in letchworth, but i figure stevenage is pretty central and there are some major features that i’d like to ride- some rails near asda etc etc…

i could propose saturday 24th although that’s not that much notice, because i’ve got the day booked off work. otherwise i could rearrange for another day, but as i work on weekends, having the day off for me is something that really needs to be booked in advance.

if there are any other suggestions for days or other elements of organising the meet, input would be very welcome…

Sounds awesome, I dont know if I can make it yet but if I can I will. What time are you thinking of having it from? Is there a train station near? Its pretty far for us people around bristol, but not as far as it for those in devon haha.

I will consult my diary and see if I can make it and if I can afford it.

nearest station is… well stevenage, which is pretty central in terms of where it is in the town centre.

it’s also a fairly arterial train route with many trains which come from the north and northeast passing through to get to london.

by road, there are two junctions for stevenage off the A1M (7 & 8).

i’m thinking of maybe making the official meeting time around 10:30/11ish.

will probably post photos of some of the possible riding spots in the next couple of days if i can get some access to a camera…

Im guessing you mean the 24th of May? I have just realised that the SWUM is on the 24th of May also, this could prove problematic.

mmm… i’ve not got the money to get down to exeter, but i can try for a different day if it’s difficult for everyone because of the clash…


the other option is for the monday afterwards…

I would be up for this if I had money and if I wasn’t on holiday camping in norfolk!

Leo and I will be there Aj. Will be cool to come and ride with you, since we live so close but never seem to ride together very much :roll_eyes:

awesome!! it’ll be wicked to ride with you guys again!!

and congrats on the 3spins Edd- that’s super sick!!

HeHe! Thanks mate, its only on the 12" tho :o Cant do 'em on the 20" yet.

Is it going to be the 24th or the 26th? I will see how much it will cost for me to get across, im guessing probably too much, I dont know.

the above are some images of bowes lyon skate park- i’m still trying to find out how to get in touch with them- may just go down personally to talk with them this monday as i have the day off then.

at the moment it’s pencilled in for the saturday, but the day should be whichever is most convenient. in fact, i think i might even go down both days to ride, because stevo’s not that far away.

i’d prefer the saturday i think, but especially regarding the clash of SWUM monday may prove to be the better day. :slight_smile:

in fact, by monday, the weather may have improved somewhat (at least that’s what the met office predict)

sorry dude can’t really make it!

Yea sorry doesnt look like I can make it either. Sounds/looks like theres some great places, will make it another time.

Im prrrroooooooooooooper skint man! But I get paid Friday :smiley: Looks like its gonna be a jam with you, leo and me!

Yea thats basicly my problem, only difference is I wont be getting paid friday and its alot furher for me to travel, so yea thats why I cant make it. If I had the money I would be there.

sorry to hear about those who can’t make it. i’ll let others know much further in advance and plan better in the future.

there’s now a facebook events page http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=19083658627&ref=mf

well, the word is out, and even if only edd and leo can make it, it’ll be awesome practise for holding a bigger meet. i’m heading down to bowes lyon just now- will keep everyone updated.

bowes lyon is open from 12pm, so we may hit up a few spots nearby before heading down to the skate park. there’s a contact number on the facebook event page if you need to get in touch or want to know where we’re at if you’re late.

there’s a huge car park at tescos across the road where i think parking should be fairly cheap and you can get to the station from there by just hopping over the footbridge where we are due to meet. there’s also another one closer to the town centre, or a multi-storey for the indoor market and shopping centre (westgate). Directions to the station are pretty well signposted around most of the town.

Hi AJ, I live in Stevenage and would like to join the party, although I fly off on holiday very early Sunday so will have limited time. I have ridden with Edd and Leo before but am no where near their skill level. Pretty much a novice regarding trials but ride round Stevenage most days and know some good routes. Hopefully see you guys tomorrow.

I tried to get more details about this event, but all the facebook link does is tell me to login.

I can’t make it anyway, but if you organised another trials ride would it be okay for me to turn up and watch? I’ve never really seen trials unicycling done in real life before.