UK riders unite! UKUNI team

i’ve also posted this on because it seems more appropriate but i know it will get seen by more people here so:

I’ve been thinking about this alot lately so i thought i’d put it to you guys and see what you think.
Basically i thought all UK uni riders could unite into a loosely knit team: UKUNI.
At events we could represent the UKUNI team etc. It would also help unicyclists in the uk get to know each other and make even more friends.

other thoughts:

UKUNI youtube and vimeo pages
T shirts to represent your team/country, a la the ones i saw for unicon
UKUNI meets. Like NUTs and otheres but for all the uk and for all disciplines.

so, if you have any thoughts and ideas to get this stared and make it even better, please say it on this thread.

thanks for reading

oh yeah, i forgot the two important things.

to have fun and to show everyone else what the uk has to offer. all to often uk riders get overshadowed by places like america and canada who have a more established unicycle scene

This sounds a lot like the UK team at Unicon, or the South West Uni Meets, it does happen, a Uk video would be nice its always been talked about but never properly been done nicely, jases was close but riding was medioca by all of us. but yeh good thinkin, lets see a vid from you though yeh x

've made vids but there abit sh*t because im doing it on a digicam and windows movie maker. in about month ill be getting a sony handycam and sony vegas 8 so there’ll be awesomeness a plenty.

umm, this is my latest effort from movie maker, its shit and the riding is poor but its old and you can expect more to come

oh, sorry , i havnt been riding long and have been detached from the “uni meet scene” but yeah, i was thinkin more of a country wde thing though

I love the idea and would love to see it get up and running

I like the idea, personaly i wouldn’t be able to provide much media but i’ll give the idea my suport

Team UK always forms at Unicon and causes havoc amongst the genreal populus. I don’t think it needs encouragement.

and there’ll be samples of such behaviour at BUC even if someone does remember to bring some make-up remover for Dave…

Oh my god no, I’m not coming then (only joking)

iff there were any meets around my area i would go
but iff it was more than like 50 miles away I wouldnt gi
unless it was a weekend meet or something that would be cool.

Iff there were any meets around my area i would go
but iff it was more than like 50 miles away I wouldnt gi
unless it was a weekend meet or something that would be cool.

make up remover ruins the effect, it looks better after it’s been on for a few days. Anyway mine was hardly the most debauched behaviour.

SimonB- where are you in the UK? its hard to know which meets and or regional groups to sign post you too with out knowing where you are.

UK unicyle team or unicycle team UK is made of all the Uk riders who go to international events and limited editionT-shirts are done for big ones like unicon.

Union of UK Unicyclists (UUU) is the Uks national unicycle association, its web pages are at take a look to see how easy it is join. If you want to work toward level certificates joining is a good thing to do. UUU also sponser the UK national trophies in Unicycle hockey, freestyle and trials.


yer simon i thought that is a good idea but where would we meet :thinking: