[UK] Post Tholthorpe Hockey, Trials Ride, York


Brendon (sp?) suggested to a team mate that we go for a ride in York on the sunday after the unicycle hockey tournament on the 19th April

If anyone else wants to stay with us and come for the ride (which i assume will be mostly trials and street) then feel free.

OR if you just want to some for the Sunday, just ask and il PM you my number and we can arrange to meet in York


I’m up for it. :slight_smile:


Dammit! The Chicksands ride is that Sunday :angry:
Oh well, I don’t think the polo will last any major distance now anyway :smiley:

Next time maybe,

I might be able to manage a ride on Sunday afternoon in York, i’ll see how my energy levels and funds are though as i’m away surfing the week before that Sunday.

I’m up for that

Oh I never thought about a conflict in dates …!

Yeah im sure there will be another

unfortunately I wont be able to make the sunday ride. Im only coming down to hockey for the day.