UK Muni: Woburn Sands

Just reporting back from our first uni ride in Woburn Sands woods or Aspley Heath. A UK moutainbiking/dirtjumping hot spot, it had to worth checking out right? YES it was a great evening riding.

Mike Hinson (top quality guy, who builds top quality wheels!) came to pick us up on his break from a Business trip, and delivered my 28" wheel back which is almost fully trued!!!(see recent thread)

Although without a map, and riding some recently torn up sandy trails (forest conservation/demolition), it was a bit hard going in some places but still rewarding (on those thighs and calfs anyway) there were endless trails and forks to take, and if you dont have some rough beaings or local knowledge you can get lost fairly quickly. On the otherhand there are coutless, XC moutainbiking nuts, dogwalkers, sunday riders, and locals around happy to point you in the right way.
We found some really good trail side natural trials to suit all levels, there is alot of scope to try things out and build up to other lines, or to ome back again and again. Its mainly steep sandy slopes and drops,a nd tree stumps, not so much up, as down.
To round off the ride, that seemed to involve ALOT of stopping trying to hard at trail side sessions, and then talking for too long befor departing again, you eventually wind up back by the jump area, which is essentially a very large Hollow with numerous, dowhill lines, north shore style drops, and step downs all leading down to the wll maintained jumps, some of which provide good fun for dropping off the lips into the craters between. and the genreral good natured interest from the ‘hardcore’ 2 wheelers.

hmm nothing like the Fule-esque write up i had in mind, more of a summary of the area/location oh well… i dont think i have the mental stamina to conclude a ride with a huge post thats properly structured and makes sense as well as a perfect read.

But basically yeah, if anyones interested in riding in Woburn Sands, those of you who may be localish, of even riding in Milton Keynes or Leighton Buzzard contact me, and we can meet up. theres 3 of us here in LB always up for a good ride, on 20" wheels mind you…

Good to have a write-up Tom,
It is a great place to ride, I hope to get over there again some time.

I have Tom’s trials wheel here for a hub replacement & was surprised to find about 3 ounces of sand actually inside the tyre when I took it off. This gives an indication of some of the surfaces that Tom, Lewis & Ryan were riding… I just watched the scary bits :slight_smile: