UK-Magura to v-brake adapters


I’m new to this site so i’m not sure if I’ve done it write, But I’m tyring to get some v-brake adapters so I can put some old v-brakes from my bike onto my uni with magura mounts



You can do it pretty easily (and cheaply) with a couple of bolts and a few other bits. There are some instructions here.


And if you don’t want to do it yourself, you can adapters at tarty:
I haven’t tried either product, just notice they were available.

Hi, thanks for the suggestions. I think i’m going to use the bolt idea as soon as I get the stuff to do it.

PS do I have to delete this thread now or something like that?



If you go the bolt method I would add a break booster to the outside of the break to re-enforce the bolts. One meant for a Magura break would work if you or anyone you know has one laying around.

You can’t delete threads but you can lock this one when you are done with it.