UK Hockey Tournament (Derby)

Just a quick reminder, as I posted here
before I went of on my holidays, the Derby & Nottingham Emunicyclists (East Midlands Unicyclists organising a hockey tournament in Derby on Saturday 2nd July between Midday and 6.00pm and then possibly adjourning to a local public house to discuss the finer points of the days play.

The pitch is booked, the numbers are starting to come in, the glorious weather for the day has also been booked although the booking department for that was unable to exactly confirm that they had recieved our order so we’ll have to wait and see - -plans are even afoot to sweep the corner of the pitch where the leaves gather and hockey balls can go missing for minutes at a time (its not really bad I’m exagerating a bit for comic effect). So all levels of ability are welcome and it would be great to be able to share a bit the Emunicyclist experience with our fellow unicyclists. I’ll use this thread to keep the details up to date so either post here if there are any questions or you can email us/me on or visit the web page - I’ll have links to maps etc. up there soon so don’t delay and help make it a success.

Hope to see you all there

Roland (and the other emunicyclists)

Great minds think alike, I posted a reminder about this very event yesterday in this thread . :slight_smile:

Shameless cross thread bumping :slight_smile:

Stockton are coming… I can not stop Pam from asking almost every week, when is that tournment on that we have free entry to. :smiley:

She is unstoppable!


Excellent news, and we haven’t forgotten about the free entry for a team - not for want of trying though;-). As Gary (unicus) pointed out we’ve got to threads going so we’re going to let this one die and quiet and honourable death so for further tournament information please view the other thread at

See you all in a week and a half


But I like this thread! :smiley:


There is absolutly no denying the inherent quality that is just oozing out of the thread - in fact at times theres so much qulity that I feel some people might not be able to cope with it - how can we protect them from it with out resorting to censorship - now go to the other thread :wink:


I’m not ‘threadist’ - I like both threads equally and feel that there should be an equal place for all threads in a truly multi-threadular society such as ours.

But, the various threads advertising this wonderful event does mean that I’ve lost track of who’s actually going to be there.
Do we know how many are definitely coming Roland?

I’m rather looking forward to it myself…


Re: UK Hockey Tournament (Derby)

So how does one go about letting a thread die out. does one merely stop
replying or posting?

I live within riding distance of the tornament (20mins on a 20" or
35mins if you include a bit of playtime on steps etc…) and can’t make
it :-(.

Re: Re: UK Hockey Tournament (Derby)

If you stop replying a thread won’t die it’ll just lay dormant until someone makes a post like this one. :smiley:

Or maybe like I have in this thread. :smiley:

Sorry you can’t make it. I guess that means the sub rate will take a big hit :wink:

Re: UK Hockey Tournament (Derby)

On 27 Jun 2005 03:08:03 -0700, “andy parry” wrote:

>So how does one go about letting a thread die out. does one merely stop
>replying or posting?

Andy, I see you’re posting from Usenet, on which the concept of “died
out” or “dormant” threads isn’t very meaningful (as opposed to on the

Anyways, “one” cannot let a thread die out, only “all” can render it
dormant (sleeping), by refraining from replying to that particular
thread. Then it fades away into later and later pages on the forum,
but it never really dies.

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