UK: Derby Unicycle Hockey (every Tuesday night)

Just a quick post to promote East Midlands Unicyclists weekly unicycle hockey practice. Anyone welcome. A great way to improve your unicycle skills, and a really fun game to boot.

When:Every Tuesday night, 7:30pm-9:15
Where: Darley Fields, Derby.
Cost: £3.50 a week, first week is free.
Ability level: In terms of riding ability, you just need to be able to freemount and ride a bit (it is possible to play without being able to freemount, but you’ll find it much more fun if you can get back on). No hockey experience necessary.
What you need: If you have a stick, please bring it, otherwise contact us and we’ll make sure there is a spare (there usually is one spare, but we can’t guarantee it). You need a 20" or 24" unicycle, with plastic pedals - you can pick up a cheap set of plastic pedals for a fiver or so if you have metal pedals currently.

Contact: or phone 07905696427 or post on here


The EMU facebook page.