[UK] Custom 20" Street/Trials - Kris Holm/Koxx-One

Apparently nothing is as beautiful as seeing your own children for the first time. This isn’t true because I have beheld this boundless machine of fiery grace. And now have you.

She’s been gathering dust for too long, so it’s time for her to get a new home. I offer: Luciana, Curb Crusher, Mother of Shin Bruises, The Balancer of Knife Edges, Spinner of Stair Sets.

This is a custom built unicycle. It’s very very light, super tough, and rides incredibly smooth as butter and grungy as all heck.


The frame is a Koxx-One Dan Heaton pro street, clear coated. It’s very light, tough as nail, and has very low clearance. The forks sticking up, which I like for balancing your feet on. The rust effect is because it’s clear coated. It’s purely aesthetic and looks grunge as heck.

The cranks are 127mm (street-length) by Koxx-One. 127mm gives you slightly nipper movement than standard 140mm trials cranks. It’s a pretty small difference, but it gives the uni a really smooth ride. The cranks and the hub themselves are wicked tough: you’ll never ever have to worry about bending a crank if you’re jumping a stair set, which is surprisingly easy to do, even on the cheaper trials unicycles. I’ve bent many cranks, and I’m not a big guy. The left crank looks a bit scratched, but it’s just normal wear and tear.

The pedals, Odyssey Twisted, are pretty wide, meaning there’s more space for your foot (and less chance of slipping off). The pins are big enough to hold your foot, but not too spikey so you can’t move them around to adjust. Designed for BMX, they’re the perfect street unicycle pedal. They also match the rim, which is powdercoated.

The seat is a Kris Holm Fusion Street, which your is standard low profile seat. Solid, low, and you can actually take off the kevlar cover and cut it down. It’s got a gel insert apparently, but it doesn’t make much difference. The handle has cracked, but they’re only £7 from unicycle.co.uk.

The tyre is currently a Luna 2.5x20". It’s deffo got more ride in it, or you could stick a smooth street tyre on there, or a grippy 20x2.5 Maxxis Creepy Crawler and get two totally different riding styles out of it.

Full specs

Frame: Koxx-One (Dan Heaton Pro Street) 20" CrMo Trials/Street Frame, clear coated
Pedals: Odyssey Twisted Metal Teal (removable pins)
Seat Post: 27.2mm Try All - Reinforced
Seat Post Clamp: Koxx-One 2 Bolt - 31.8mm
Seat: Kris Holm Fusion Street - Gel
Rim: I honestly can’t remember.
Cranks & Hub: Koxx one Isis splined hub 127mm splined cranks.
Tyre: Luna 2.5x20".

£250 ONO :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any questions!

For collection/delivery.


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