UK!!!!! 24" Muni

I am looking for a 24" muni to start learning muni on. Or really and size muni that would be good for a beginner. I can ride forwards, backwards and idle confidently but wanna get into harder stuff. I have a tight budget £80. Does anybody have anything in this price range?
PS: I don’t care whether it is actually a muni or not. Just something you think would be good to start muni on :slight_smile:
Kayakingtwin :smiley:

Kh 24"

Hi there, I have a Kris Holm Muni which is a beautiful unicycle and I need to sell it as I need the money for uni…however the lowest I can go is £100 with postage on top unless you can pick up…it really is work a lot more but I need a quick sale!

Ceri :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply,
What is the wheel size and roughly where do you live.
Kayakingtwin :slight_smile:

Hi sorry I have taken so long to reply and in Totnes, which is close (ish) to exeter in devon I can meet in exeter or plymouth! the wheel size is twenty four inches :slight_smile:


Just saw this - unicyclerceri, you still selling a KH24? Got a friend who’s wanting one…

Can you take some photos in from the KH 24?