UK.24" MUni frame (or whole MUni)

Looking for a frame for a 24" MUni. Prefer something nice like a KH with brake mounts but anything considered. 42mm bearings.

Hi Nick,

I’ve got a KH24 that i may be interested in selling as its not had much use for a few months. I would have to sell it as a whole muni though?


Sounds interesting. Got any pics and a price in mind

I’ve taken some hi-res pics today and am uploading them now, taking a while but will update a link when they are done.

As for price, Retail is £350 on and its in good nick, it comes with a 3.0 nokian gazzaloddi with decent tread, and a spare 24x3 inner tube, and a spare brand new 24x3.0 halo contra(now called duro leopard i think).

I also have the Magura attachments that i can provide, so its really a complete set-up.

I don’t really know how much it’s worth, but there are quite a few extra’s so i would start the bartering at around £250?


Thanks for all the info mate, not what i’m after though i’m afraid :frowning:

Mark, That’s pretty much exactly what I want… but I already have most of the bits. Still tempting though, shall give it some thought. I don’t suppose you are looking for a 19" trials or a skinny 28" road uni in PX?

I have a 24" surly conundrum frame that I’d be willing to sell. Not sure about shipping it though I could check if you’re interested. $125 plus shipping?

Sorry nick, not really looking for anything in part-ex, got rid of my trials uni last year as it wasn’t getting any use either.

If you already have most of the bits, just think how close you would be to your next new uni purchase! Have a think about it and let me know. I’m not in a huge rush to sell.


I’ve gone off Kris Holm KH frames after this Other frames considered :slight_smile:

If you’re interested in my surly conundrum frame, I’ll check out shipping.

I have a Nimbus Muni 24" frame, which will work out a bit cheaper than buying from UDC (they seem not to have any on their site at the moment), you’re probably looking at £30 all in, though I 'll double-check shipping (assuming you’re in the uk, right?)