UDC's 12 days of Christmas

This is actually a good deal:


Good for people looking to get serious with trials and want to save their knees.

i might pick that up just so that i can have a frame to ride when imma paintin my other one…for ten buck…really good deal

are they wide enough to fit a trials tire??

im pretty sure, their the old nimbus frames…they outa fita cc

Wish they were doing this on the british one :frowning: because they have some amazing offeres going :frowning:

Well heres the new item


Is this any good? Im thinking about building up another trials uni soon, would this be a good hub?

Thats what I was thinking, Im so jelous.


Yes it’s a strong, solid hub. Just keep in mind that it’s 48 spoke…

Meh. Heavy. Limited cranks and rim options. Also a ISIS KH moment hub isnt all that much more.

Yeah I just noticed the 48 spoke count. I would love to buy a K1 hub and crankset b/c of how well it feels when you ride. Is there any other hub out there that has as low a q-factor as the K1?


you mean cranks?

why not just get the koxx hub and cranks, they aren’t too much.

Haha sory, yeah I meant cranks.

I love the K1 set up, but its does cost a lot more then a KH wheelset, or a nimbus.

That qu-ax hub looks tempting, specially because they have never broke before, or their cranks.

I couldnt really care if I have limited options for cranks and stuff, cause its not like im going to be switching through rims and cranks weekly or monthly.

Probably be able to get a good deal on the 127 qu-ax cranks too. And if Joe Hodges couldnt break this setup, then there is now way I can break it.

Yeah, but seriously for 20 more dollars you can get the lighter ISIS and 36 hole KH or Nimbus hub.

Im cheap and dont care to much about weight. =p

Merry Christmas

wow, thats a great deal. If i had a 24" i would probably buy one just to have a back up

The Merry Chirstmas link didn’t work for me so…

all :slight_smile:

day ten: http://www.unicycle.com/Shopping/shopexd.asp?id=667