UDC's 12 days of Christmas

Primo Super Tenderizer

VERY heavy but very cheap:D

You can get them for about the same price if you use the american as here as of the large shipping fees :roll_eyes:

i wish they had the strikers on sale (primo striker pedals)
i would totally buy a pile
i probabaly will still buy some though

it looks like they’re doing a cumulative 12 days. when you look at the KH pulse gloves and snafus they have the ten dollar price again. yay UDC!

WHOA!!! Sweeet. :smiley:

yes, but if they run out of stock, which is their plan…

you guys can figure that out

I agree that they are trying to get rid of stuff that probably isn’t selling well but people will buy because they can get a good deal on it.

New Item: A 20" freestyle wheelset

Is there somewhere on the site where you can view all the sale items?

Do a search on: sale

New Item: Nimbus Quick Release Clamp $1

Finally, I could never afford one of those until now.

That’s slick, copyrighted for banjo.com.

haha, its 9$ to ship a clamp.

their 12 days of christmas thing is cool

the clamp.
not worth it
the only thing more worthless i could think of would be stickers that started ouit at $.25
its like “why bother”

Not if you order over the phone and ask for USPS shipping. On small items USPS is significantly cheaper than UPS.

anyone find the sale item for today?


found it.
edit: beat me too it.

that would be great if it was 25 shipping included id love t have a off road tire for my 29er