UDC UK Great Customer service

I feel compelled to post a quick report of my experience with UDC uk.
I bought my 36" Nimbus Oracle from them in Sept 2017, and have not really had any serious problems with it until earlier this week when i noticed two broken spokes, however on closer inspection i realised that the spokes where not broken, but it was the hub that had broken. So i phoned up to order a new wheel. and a few other bits and bats. After telling them i wanted a new wheel i mentioned the hub failure and asked if it was normal after just 13 months. I also noticed that the hubs on the new wheels where different to my old one. Any way Nick said to send them a photo of the hub which i did and they included a new hub in my order even though i was just out of warranty. I would like to emphasize that i did not complain or ask for them to replace it. It was totally unexpected and apprieciated. So thanks again UDC great service

Regards Phil

It is good that they stood behind their product. Broken aluminum flanged hubs is not unheard of.

I’ll second that. I’ve bought nearly all of my unicycles and spares from UDC UK and have always found them friendly, helpful and nice to deal with. It’s great when a business is run by people who have a keen personal interest in the product.

I try to drop in to the warehouse/office to buy stuff if I am working nearby.

Last time I bought a frame, I took to old Uni with me to quickly size things up.
Roger took the time to give the wheel, spokes, cranks, pedals, seat post, clamp, & saddle a thorough inspection before I left to make sure the old bits I was fitting into the new frame were good to go.

The team are always friendly, even though they are busy processing orders full time - it never stops.
They don’t really need an amateur / beginner knocking on the door (of a mail order company) asking for parts and interrupting the work. So it’s nice to be met with a smile and a quick chat.

UDC (UK) often go above and beyond the call of duty.