UDC Titan, worth it?

I was looking into upgrading to a 36" uni for long distance riding. The titan is the cheapest by a fair margin. Is it a good deal or will I be getting what I pay for? Is my hard earned money best spent on a different unicycle? If so which one should I be saving my pennies for?

Actually the titan isn’t the cheapest, you used to be able to get a coker big one for $439 from cokercycles.com. Unfortunately their site seems to be bugged right now so I can’t give you a link to the specific page, I don’t know whats up. You’ll have to contact them I guess if you want to buy one from them.

In my opinion the coker is actually a better unicycle, it has better cranks, better pedals, an and aluminum frame instead of steel. The titan arguably has a better tire but it really depends on where you intend to ride.

Before I bought my 36", I did a lot of search. UDC Titan came up, I became inquisitive about it like you are. Pretty much all of the reviews I’ve read have great things to say about it, so I say it’s worth the money, especially if you plan to just ride around the street with it.

I don’t have a Titan though, something else came on sale and I snagged it :stuck_out_tongue:

I owned a Titan. It’s a great 36er for road riding and lighter Muni. Don’t let the price fool you, it’s still got solid, reliable components. You still get a Stealth2 rim (probably the best rim out there), a Nightrider tire, and a super wide hub. It’s really a pretty burly rig that is vastly underrated (like a lot of the UDC/Nimbus line).

Hey i recently bought a 36 titan, its fanastic in Australia here i managed to get it for $400 from municycle.com.au i did a 30 mile ride on it no problems the rim and tyre are the best factors of this uni, i was lucky i had a kh freeride saddle lying around which i added to it and also put 125mm nimbus venture cranks and turned it into a flying machine :slight_smile:

Good luck its worth it.

As others I did loads of research before buying mine and, after trawling this forum, the Titan was on top of my list for the money I wanted to spend. By chance (also I waited for a bit just in case) the Oracle at UDC (UK) was temporarily reduced, for so much that had to strecth my budget (for quite a bit!) and grab it whislt I could - rather than buying a Titan and afterwards upgrading pedals,cranks, brakes.

I am quite new to unicycling so have never tried any other 36 than mine but I’m pretty sure I would be as happy as Larry with the Titan as it comes (except the brake: I live in a very hilly area so that’s the first thing I would have upgraded straight away. I know is not essential but it helps me a lot to have one in very steep downhills). Over here in the UK the coker is not an option (as far as I know) so that one was out of the equation fo rme. For my original budget the other alternative was the Quax one (but reading the forum was a bit put off by the tyre despite the ISIS hub).

I would say if you fancy doing some long distance riding (I think is great and really addictive) go for the Titan (or any of the others ones at that price range), I don’t think you will regret it. I can’t find many people on this forum that hasn’t been happy with those unicycles.

I am still amazed how well these ride, especially off road, i did some upgrades put 114mm nimbus cranks and flys! Also upgraded to fusion freeride saddle and some good dx pedals,

Eventually would love to try the oracle and maybe kh 36 for the dual crank option, have done many 30 mile rides with quiet ease :slight_smile:

But ight now for $400 AUD i couldnt be happier.

i was wondering about this too. i’m saving up right now to get a 36er. should i just get a new titan? should i wait a bit and try to get a new coker? or should i look around and see if anyone is selling used? if so what should i look for used?

The Titan is a fantastic value. We’ve had at least 4 locals buy them (so far). They tried the club loaner Titan and were sold. To top it off, unicycle.com is great to work with.

The local shop that has sold several Titans got a Coker Big One in a while ago. The long time bike/uni mechanic complained of set up issues as well as other quality issues.

The brake situation on the Titan is easily overcome with a BMX style caliper brake. The rim may or may not need a bit of sanding to get the seam out of it. The Coker I looked at has a seam too.

As far as the lesser cranks on the Titan compared to the Coker goes, cranks aren’t super expensive. Run the current ones and buy nicer ones down the road.

If you want to spend more money, the KH and Oracles are quite nice. Tritons are as well, but they’re even more.

As far as a “budget” 36 goes, the Titan is at the top of the heap. For many riders it’s the 36er to own.

Get one, you wont regret it i wasnt sure at first but it really is a great road and off road unicycle. Just upgrade cranks and saddle and it makes a lot of difference. Try 150s or 125s to get started :slight_smile:

Im going to get a oracle next once i wear the titan in, but so far apart from loose spokes which i had them tensioned… Nothing yet has gone wrong and have run up alot of miles… In 2 months.

Oh and pedals if your feet are on the bigger size.

Well said.

Here’s mine. It was worth it :smiley:

So much prettier now…

Amazing what a little bit of paint will do :stuck_out_tongue:

If I get one I think I’ll paint it red at some point. Make it go faster.

I’ve heard red is the fastest :smiley:

that’s why sports cars and fire trucks are red, to make them go faster.

Red was fastest when I was a youngster but it seems like yellow might be faster now. Gotta keep up with technology.

Flames. Definitely, a flame job. Guaranteed to add 5MPH, at least.